May Is Big Finish Month!


With the plethora of Big Finish releases coming in the month of May; I’ve decided to dedicate the whole month to the upcoming releases; we’ll be reviewing every single story from the upcoming re-release of the Cyberman series, as well as the usual reviews, which in May will include Torchwood’s Ghost Mission, May’s First Doctor Short Trip, This Sporting Life, the second part of The Two Masters Trilogy, Vampire of The Mind, the Fourth Doctor story Gallery of Ghouls, the six part epic that is Gallifrey: Enemy Lines and of course, right in the middle of May, the Tenth Doctor releases TechnophobiaTime Reaver and Death and The Queen.

That’s a whopping sixteen Big Finish reviews coming to GallifreyArchive in May! Not only that, but we’ll be reviewing Jenny Colgan’s In The Blood which accompanies her audio adventure, Time Reaver; as well as articles about The GallifreyArchive Book and its progress, as well as more Big Finish related goodness!

May seems to be the month for Big Finish; and we hope you enjoy it too!


One thought on “May Is Big Finish Month!

  1. It sounds like you have a busy month ahead. I’ll have to make sure I keep some time during my revision breaks to keep updated. It will go well with the 5 minutes break my school said we have to have for every 25 minutes of revising we do.


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