Introducing #GAB!

I’ve been teasing you for months, and today I can finally reveal exactly what #GAB is; but I don’t have to do it alone! Watch the video below then read more about the announcement after the break!

Introducing The GallifreyArchive Book! This has been a secret project I’ve been working on and is a total labour of love for both Doctor Who and Big Finish. The book is being sold on Kickstarter here, so please go and back it! The book features reviews of the first 50 Big Finish Doctor Who monthly releases; everything from The Sirens of Time and Zagreus, as well as contributions from some friends and people who are prominent in the Doctor Who community! There’s also now a ‘Book’ tab at the top of the site which will be updated with how my progress on the book is going; I hope you enjoy it!

This is an absolutely huge deal for me, and I couldn’t have done it without your support here on GallifreyArchive and on social media; so thank you. There’s also a few people who I particularly want to thank; first of all the wonderful Christopher Thompson who appeared as both the Second and Twelfth Doctors in my announcement video, and everyone at Big Finish who has given the book their blessing, especially the wonderful Joe Smith. Thank you!

That’s all I have to say really, I hope you liked the announcement and I remember to back the book on Kickstarter here!


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