The Continuing Countdown To GAB

GABSunday’s #GAB announcement is fast approaching, and I have to be honest, I can really tell; lots of exciting things are happening behind the scenes that are making me as giddy as a kipper (I have no idea why kippers are seemingly the giddiest of the animal kingdom, but apparently they are). The announcement video has been filmed, edited and uploaded to YouTube, but of course, it won’t be going live until midday on Sunday.

What else can I tell you about #GAB? Naturally not a lot, as I want it to be a surprise; but what I will say is that the video has a lot of very excited me in it, as well as some cameos that are rather unexpected and a lot of fun to work with. As you’re probably guessing, I won’t say exactly who cameos but rest assured, it’s a lot of fun.

That’s really all that’s happened in the countdown to #GAB for now; I’ll be sure to keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “The Continuing Countdown To GAB

  1. I look forward to the announcement. I’m guessing that it will be midday GMT+1, due to it being summer in regards to the clocks.


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