The Countdown To GAB…

GABI’ve been teasing for what feels like forever; but not for much longer! #GAB, my huge project that has been simmering away in the background for a long while now, is due to be revealed in less than a week!
At midday UK time on April 24th (My 20th birthday), the #GAB news will be unveiled across the known universe. With less then a week, I want you to know that the work is still going on and it’s a lot of fun…

I’m currently at the stages of planning the announcement more than working on the project itself, which is super fun as well as super scary; as it means that this project that I’ve been slowly working on for months is nearly ready to be out of just my hands. Until next Sunday when the announcement goes live, I will be talking a bit about #GAB whilst being as cryptic as possible; I’ll tell you how filming the announcement went etc, and hopefully leave you intrigued. Today wasn’t really too stressful, I just had the idea to let you know some behind-the-scenes stuff in The Countdown To GAB series; nothing too exciting.

It’s official, The Countdown To GAB is heating up…


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