Reverse The Polarity- February & March 2016

Reverse The Polarity is back! I’m sorry I didn’t do one at the beginning of March for February, but there’s a perfectly good reason why which is related to the mysterious #GAB! Anyway, for those who are uninitiated in Reverse The Polarity articles, this is my (supposedly) monthly thank you to everyone who has read anything on the site and it shows a progression of the site too. As this is covering two months, I thought it’d be easier to bundle everything together to save you reading twice as much and also giving me twice as much work to correlate all the information together. Anyway, let’s get started!

First thing’s first, and as always I start with you guys, the readership. Or as I’m going to call you all, the Archivists. There you go, you have your own name and everything. We’ve had readers in…
Bangladesh, Estonia, Romania, Senegal, Montenegro, Barbados, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Peru, China, Trinidad & Tobago, Greece, Uruguay, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Ukraine, Ghana, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Quatar, Taiwan, Namibia, Gibraltar, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Algeria, Chile, Venezuela, Estonia, Singapore, Denmark, Croatia, Portugal, South Africa, Malaysia, Serbia, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Netherlands, Argentina, Turkey, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Philippines, Hungary, Brunei, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Russia, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Bulgaria, Mexico, India, Spain, Israel, European Union, Ireland, Italy, Brazil, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom.
That’s just under half of the countries in the world. Thank you each and every one of you.

The past two months hasn’t just given us our most diverse audience yet, but also the most views; in February and March we’ve been read 7355 times! That’s mad. In the past three months, we’ve had 4x as many views as we had in the whole of 2015. 4x. I cannot help but thank you all enough.

In February and March we also published a whopping 69 articles. Stop laughing at the number; come on, we’re all mature people here. Including two interviews with authors of Doctor Who related stuff; my thanks to Jenny Colgan and AK Benedict for agreeing to take time out of their undoubtedly busy schedules to help me out with those.

That’s about all for this bumper Reverse The Polarity; everything is ramping up here at GallifreyArchive with under a month to go until #GAB is finally revealed, and I hope that you’re going to love it!


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