…And We’re Back!

The DoctorsAfter briefly changing our name to ClassArchive and pondering whether Donald Trump should be the next companion; it’s safe to say that we’re back to our good old selves!

Don’t you worry, normal service is about to resume with a double-pack Reverse The Polarity covering February and March, two of our strongest months yet! The beginning of a new month also means that we’re going to be peppering the weeks with those juicy Big Finish reviews. This month we’ll be looking at Torchwood: Zone 10Jago & Litefoot Series 11The Curse of The FugueNightshadeAnd You Will Obey Me and Legacy of Death meaning that in April we’ll have nine Big Finish reviews!

Of course we’ll cover the upcoming Class news due on Monday, as well as anything else that springs to the surface! We’ll also be continuing the Ultimate Companion series and writing the articles that you guys hopefully love to read!

Until later today, Daniel out!


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