Should The Rift Be Miffed?

TheRiftEleven years ago, Doctor Who was already back on our screens and it was quickly becoming a televisual phenomenon. It was in the third episode of the revival, The Unquiet Dead when the Ninth Doctor and his companion, Rose Tyler first visited Cardiff; albeit accidentally. We were then introduced to the Gelth, a gaseous being that had found its way to Victorian Cardiff through a rift in space and time. Throughout the first series, we visited Cardiff again in Boom Town as the TARDIS can use the energy from the rift as fuel. Since then though, we haven’t seen the Doctor refuel via the rift. I for one think that this is neglecting the power of the rift, hence why I’ve written this article…

Now I know that we have Torchwood Cardiff that use the rift and also finds it an utter hinderance, as it’s constantly letting Weevils out on the loose, and that some would consider that enough rift love; but I have to disagree with those people. Back in 2005 we were introduced to this almighty force that was situated bang in the centre of Cardiff and I thought that we’d be revisiting the rift over and over again, at least once a series, but that evidently wasn’t to be. It’s not even like we can blame Steven Moffat for that oversight either, as Russell T Davies also neglected the rift.

I understand the writers thinking, it would be slightly drab for one episode every series to be set in Cardiff and it would give the impression that Doctor Who didn’t have the budget for bigger, more outlandish locations and concepts and that the writers were only writing these episodes as a thank you to the people of Cardiff for letting them film in and around their city; I’m not saying we need a full episode in Cardiff though. Every now and then though, it would be nice to open an episode where the TARDIS is being refuelled by the rift and then the Doctor and his companion goes off and has another great adventure. It would be even better if the rift was integral to a storyline or the plot of an episode; we’ve never seen the Doctor take on a Weevil or someone coming from the wrong time into modern day Cardiff and it could be really interesting and something that I hope past-Torchwood writer and future Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall will definitely consider during his reign of the show.

Sorry that this is such a short article; but when you’re reading this I’m either on the train back from a few days in London or I’ve just enjoyed a short break in London, so I’ve been really pushed for time to get these articles out. I promise that as of tomorrow normal service will resume!


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