What Ever Happened To… Henry Van Statten?

Henry Van StattenAh, Henry Van Statten, the billionaire who once owned the internet; who could forget him? Well… Henry Van Statten did after the events of Dalek. When we left poor old memory-wiped Henry, it was 2012 and he was stranded and unaware of everything. How far has he come in the past four years?

The man previously known as Henry Van Statten woke up in just his underwear and a dressing gown on one of America’s highways with nothing else but a wallet with a form of identification stating that he is in fact called Steve Clementine. Steve, unbeknownst to where he actually was managed to hitchhike his way to some sort of civilisation. People kept asking Steve if he knew someone called Henry Van Statten as he looked just like him, but Steve had to politely admit that he’d never heard of him.

After about three months hitchhiking and doing odd jobs around the highways of the States, Steve had managed to get enough money together to start renting a small apartment and try and find a more stable job. He found an available flat in Texas where he found himself applying to be a trainee Sheriff with the local law enforcement. This job wasn’t to be though, as when the cops ran security checks on Mr. Clementine, there was no record of him ever existing. Dejected, Steve tried looking for a job that wouldn’t ask too many questions, and he quickly became friendly with a rancher called Peter Simpson. Peter employed Steve as a farm hand to help around the ranch, and even though this wasn’t Steve’s ideal job, he decided that he should stick at it for the financial stability.

For the majority of 2013, Steve was working at Peter’s ranch and was given more and more responsibilities; Steve’s favourite pastime was drinking in the local bar with Peter and his son, Tom, who worked as a bartender on the weekends. This cosy life wasn’t to be though, as Steve became paranoid that there were a few people that were seemingly following him wherever he went. This paranoia grew and grew until one night, Steve panicked and decided to take all of his money and try and get as far away from Texas as possible.

Once Steve had spend all of his money on train rides and food, he found himself at the Canadian border, hoping that this could yet again be another fresh start for him. This wasn’t to be though, as the border security arrested him and quickly transported him to a safe location. Understandably, Steve was extremely confused as to what was going on, none of the security that were taking him away were providing any answers and Steve was sure that he’d been framed for some crime. When he was finally transported to the new location, he was greeted by two of the people he thought were following him in Texas. They calmly told him that he had been arrested for withholding information to the United States government, the FBI and the CIA in regards to his ‘Metaltron’, as it posed a significant threat to US and international security and resulted in numerous deaths the previous year. It became clear to Steve that they had mistaken him for this Henry Van Statten that everyone else mistook him for and he tried to explain this to them. It didn’t go down too well. Steve was then incarcerated in an unknown location in Nevada. Conspiracy theorists wonder if this unknown location is in fact Area 51.

Ever since that day in 2013, nobody is entirely sure what happened to Henry Van Statten, some people say that he’s actually working with the government with other alien invasions, whereas others say that he’s being kept prisoner and subject to torture for information. All we do know, is that the man who was formally Van Statten probably won’t be seen publicly for a very long time.


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