Washington Burns Review (In Haikus)

Washington Burns

If you don’t have loads of free time to lounge around listening to Big Finish audios, the Short Trips range are a great place to get your Doctor Who fix; likewise if you’re on a tight budget, at just £2.99 it’s hard to go wrong. This months short trip, Washington Burns features the Seventh Doctor. Will Washington Burns be a hot Short Trip, or will it need extinguishing?

You have to stop reading. It can get into anything, anything written down. You can’t let it get a hold. We’re doing what we can to stop it. Here and back in 1814. Washington isn’t safe. America isn’t safe. Nowhere is CEREBRA. You have to CEREBRA reading before it CEREBRA. If it gets into your mind CEREBRA it’s all CEREBRA. Everything’s CEREBRA. CEREBRA. CEREBRA. CEREBRA…


This story opens
With Ace shooting an equine
That poor horse is dead.

She is wanting to
Evacuate someones house
And then burn some books.

This story is set
In America, you see?
It’s in Washington.

This Short Trip features
Two time zones, it’s apparent;
Timey-wimey tale.

Cerebra seems bad
It seems to cause confusion
And lots of panic.

Sophie Aldred is
Giving a good impression
Of Doctor Seven.

The Doctor and Ace
Discover a primitive
Type of time travel.

It transpires that
Cerebra’s a parasite
And it needs a host.

Cerebra travels
Back in time in Washington
Ace and Doctor plan.

The characters in
Washington Burns are really
Varied and unique.

Another accent
That Sophie’s really good at
Is her Irish one.

Ace and the Doctor
End up having dinner at
The White House you know?

It’s not surprising
That Ace thinks the food is great
It’s in the White House!

If there’s one thing that
I wasn’t a huge fan of
It is that I thought…

The story ended
Rather abruptly but I
Understand that there’s…

Time restraints with the
Short Trip range from Big Finish
It is a shame though.

The terrifying
Concept of Cerebra
Is interesting…

Personally, I feel
Cerebra should return
In future stories.

The rating system on the GallifreyArchive is achieved on a scale of 1-10.
For Washington Burns, I will give a rating of:


Should you want to purchase Washington Burns, it’s currently available as a download for just £2.99, which you can purchase by clicking here!


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