Who Deserves An Origin Story?


The great thing about Doctor Who is its expansive list of monsters, villains and baddies; the interesting thing however, is that we very rarely get to see the origins of the Doctor’s foes. We saw the birth of the Daleks in Genesis of the Daleks, we heard the beginning of the Cybermen in Big Finish’s Spare Parts and it was revealed that the Doctor saved Davros from doom in The Magicians Apprentice, but what other baddies deserve an origin story?

The Weeping Angels

Weeping AngelConsidering I think that these creatures are extremely overrated and that their constant random and rather pointless cameos in Moffat’s later scripts just seem to me to be pointless ‘fan service’, (I’m looking at you The Time of the Doctor and Heaven Sent) I think that it would be really interesting to see exactly how these assassins came to be. One of the redeeming features of the Weeping Angels is the fact that they’re utterly shrouded in mystery and theories; my favourite being that every Weeping Angel is just a Time Lord or Time Lady that has been sentenced to death and is just out for revenge. I don’t think it would be possible to have an origin story in the sense that we get to meet the first Weeping Angels in existence, but I think it could be a really compelling story to be with whoever first discovered the Weeping Angels and see how they try to defeat these silent menaces. Remember, that that holds the image of an Angel is itself an Angel…

The Vastha Nerada

Vastha NeradaI have a soft spot for these piranhas of the air that lurk in the shadows, and I’m not sure why. I think it’s because you never actually get to see them, instead you’re only able to see the result of their devastation. The Vastha Nerada have only appeared in Silence In The Library and Forest of The Dead, as well as the Doctor Who: Adventure Games release, Shadows of the Vastha Nerada. Personally, I’d really like another Vastha Nerada story, especially if it was an origin story, to be a ‘Doctor-lite’ episode. I also think that it could be shot in an unconventional way; I’d love to say that the Vashta Nerada would be a great monster for a found-footage style episode, but we all know how tremendously well received Sleep No More was. There’s something delightfully frightening about the idea of a group of teenagers or young adults messing around in an old, supposedly haunted house and having them killed one by one as they step into the shadows as they’re devoured by the Vastha Nerada.

The Rani

The RaniThe only villain on my list who is from the Classic era, I think that it would be great to see how the Doctor’s fellow Gallifreyan, the Time Lady known as the Rani. Having only appeared in two televised episodes, The Mark of the Rani and Time and the Rani, as well as two Big Finish stories, The Rani Elite and Planet of the Rani, I think that this amazing yet disillusioned scientist would be a great character for us, as viewers, to see the origins of.  I know that a fair few people reading this will no doubt be asking “Well Daniel, why didn’t you pick a different Time Lord like the Doctor or the Master?” and personally, I feel that both of these characters are surrounded by a mythos that seeing them at the very beginning of their lives would ruin some of the enigma behind them. I did consider putting the Master on this list, but it’s implied in multiple episodes that the Doctor and the Master were very close friends as children, and I’d rather leave that story up to the imagination of the Whovian. The Rani however, is very different, she’s not really a character that most casual fans of Doctor Who are overly familiar with. I purposefully didn’t mention that the origin story had to be a single episode or two-parter either, as I think that a series set on Gallifrey which features the Rani would be really interesting and popular. It’s already established that the Rani is an absolutely brilliant scientist and that nothing will get in her way when she’s wanting to conduct experiments, but wouldn’t it be great to find out what made her so passionate and downright ruthless? Wouldn’t it be great to follow a young Time Lady discovering her talent for science and discovering exactly what it was that made the Rani decide to use her talent for evil? I think it could be a great mini-series.

Those are my thoughts, who do you think deserves an origin story? Let me know in the comments below or by tweeting us @GallifreyRchive and your idea might be mentioned in a future article!


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