The Best Doctor Who Merch

MerchDoctor Who transcends just being a TV show you can watch once a week on a Saturday tea time twelve times a year and on Christmas Day (unless you’re reading this in 2016 in which case you can only watch it on Christmas Day… if you’re lucky). Doctor Who also consists of a wide range of merchandise, from the logical to the downright bizarre; this article will be my thoughts into what Doctor Who related merchandise will be the most rewarding to you.

The Best For Kids (No Matter What Age)

Personally, I think that if you’re a kid at heart, or what want something that has the potential to become a serious investment, then the Doctor Who action figures are probably your safest bet for merchandise. Whether you want to collect the action figures from the 70s and 80s and keep them pristine in their boxes in an airtight container for years to come, or if you want some of the more commercial and more recently produced figures (just not the awful 3.75″ releases) to just play around with and have on display, then go and knock yourself out! The good thing with action figures is that they look absolutely great displayed; I know my dear friend Ben Lett has a pretty impressive display set up that ranges from 5″ figures to some really impressive Big Chief figures of the First and Twelfth Doctors.

The Best For Pure Imagination

There’s nothing quite like a good book to let you escape from the problems and the strife of modern life. If you have the time and the patience to read a book, there are some absolutely cracking Doctor Who related books out there. Personal highlights are EarthworldHuman Nature, Beautiful Chaos,  Dark HorizonsEngines of WarShada, and The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who. The sheer vastness of the Doctor’s literary exploits means that chances are you haven’t read every single Doctor Who book, and to me, that’s great as it means I can always be on the look out for the next release. The only limitation when reading is the readers imagination; the words on the page are just there to guide you, whilst your brain has to do most of the footwork itself. If you love prose, then the Doctor Who books are almost certainly for you.

The Best For Pure Immersion

Big Finish. Without a doubt. Big Finish does some absolutely phenomenal work which includes the actual voices of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and soon Tenth Doctors, as well as a plethora of spin-offs and other ranges that aren’t associated with Doctor Who. I won’t go into much detail about which Big Finish releases I recommend to people who have yet to dip their toe into the amazing audio-based waters, but I will let you know that in November of last year, I wrote an article called Big Finish For Beginners which I recommend you read.

The Best For All Fans

It would be foolish of me to write an article about the best Doctor Who related merchandise without mentioning the extensive back catalogue of Doctor Who on DVD and Blu-Ray. Whether you’ve only watched New-Who or you’ve always been a die hard fan since the Classic era, the DVDs and Blu-Rays are a great resource, not for just going back and watching old episodes, but some of the special features, especially on the Classic DVDs, are filled to the brim with new material that you’ve probably never seen. There’s a bit of a double edged sword when it comes to collecting the DVDs and Blu-Rays though, especially if you’re anything at all like me; and that is that you get the urge to complete your collection when can cost you some serious money. I started seriously collecting the classics in 2011, and at the time of writing this I only need about 11 releases until I’m complete; however you also have to take into account that you’re probably going to need to buy some more storage solutions to house all of your newly acquired purchases like I did. It’s a great investment, just be willing to pay for it.

So there you have it, my opinions as to what the best Doctor Who merchandise you can buy is; do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know in the comments or by tweeting me @GallifreyRchive


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