Big Finish Vinyl!

The Chimes of MidnightIf you’re a fan of Big Finish and have a fair bit of money to invest; then I highly recommend you read the rest of this article. Two of the most acclaimed Big Finish releases from the first 50 Doctor Who Monthly Releases; the Eighth Doctor’s The Chimes of Midnight and the Fifth Doctor’s Spare Parts are both being released on extremely limited edition vinyl, with only 500 pressings of each being released in October 2016 and April 2017 respectively. Some people may think that the £79 price tag is expensive, but if you’re just a fan of vinyl or Big Finish or you want what will no doubt be a great investment then these releases might be for you! Each of these vinyl releases come in premium packaging with gateway sleeves, comes with extra behind the scenes stuff never before heard and also comes with some serious bragging rights.

If these seem like something you’re interested in purchasing, then I highly recommend you pre-order to avoid disappointment, as well as get them at the £79 price point, as once they’re released the price will rise to £89.


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