Companion Quest- Chris Kendall

Chris Kendall

So far in my Companion Quest series, all of the people I’ve put forward have been female, but why should that be the case? We could easily have a male companion join the Doctor too! Let’s delve into the wild, comedic world of Chris Kendall (better known as his YouTube personality Crabstickz) and see why I think he’d make a great companion.

Let’s get one thing straight first, Chris is an absolute fanboy when it comes to Doctor Who, he’s mentioned the show in a load of his YouTube videos and has parodied the show on multiple occasions. He even was originally cast as the Twelfth Doctor.

If you’ve watched the above video, you’ll probably understand why Chris would be a great addition to the TARDIS crew; he doesn’t take himself seriously at all, he does well at comedy and clearly understands the shows past.

Personally, I feel that if Chris were to come aboard the TARDIS as a companion, he would almost certainly have to play a fool character; someone that the Doctor would initially be reluctant to take but owed it to someone to look after him. Either that or maybe Chris’ character somehow snuck aboard the TARDIS potentially years ago and has since been lost, just wondering around trying to find his way out.

Another reason I think that Chris would be a great addition to the TARDIS crew is because I think he could bring a certain naivety that we’ve not really seen much on the show. Most of the companions are seemingly headstrong, feisty individuals, especially since the revival; the only exceptions have been the boyfriend companions, Mickey and Rory. Both of their characters started out being portrayed as somewhat pathetic in comparison to their partners, but eventually rose up to the challenge of being a companion. With Chris however, I think it would be really interesting to see how a total buffoon travelling in time and space with a crotchety old Scottish man whom Chris’ character would literally jump into the Doctor’s arms at any sign of danger; with the Time Lord having to reluctantly toughen him up in order for him to feasibly be able to travel with him.

One idea that I had in regard to the Doctor having to toughen up Chris’ companion that could be extremely engaging and a great story arc would be if the Doctor conditioned this jester into having to be a hardened soldier type; the exact type of people that the Doctor is very reluctant to associate with. The Doctor would then have a choice to either try and tell Chris’ character to leave the TARDIS for doing nothing wrong, as he’s afraid of this new person he’s created, or the Doctor would have to try and recondition Chris’ companion to go back to being the juvenile character that he was when they first met.

In terms of reference, I think that Chris’ companion would be best suited to having Donna’s humour and downright passion for doing the right thing (think of The Fires of Pompeii) and Mickey’s naivety and somewhat initial reluctance like he portrayed in Series 1, when you can tell that he wants to join the TARDIS but just worries too much about the repercussions of what it might entail.

Overall, I know that someone like Chris isn’t necessarily what a lot of people anticipate the next companion to be like; a lot of people are assuming that we’ll have a headstrong female akin to like what Clara was; but I have a hunch that we’ll get someone at the total opposite end of the spectrum. I’m all for strong female characters in Doctor Who, to be totally honest, I’m all for strong female characters in any show, as strong females are extremely common in society; I think that if we had a much more comical companion, it would introduce a new dynamic and tempo to the show which we haven’t really seen since Series 4, and truth be told, I think Chris would be ideal for such a role.


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