Introducing The Ultimate Companion!

The Ultimate CompanionNow that Clara Oswald has left the Doctor’s TARDIS (and stepped into another one) and we have a companion sized hole to fill; along with my series of Companion Quest articles, which is a series of articles of what I’d like in the next companion I’ve decided to bring some brutality to the proceedings with a tournament to find the best New Who companion. I’ve used random generators to create the ‘fairest’ fights. Below are how the fights are going to progress, with the winners of each round moving forward into the next and the losers being left behind. This will end in a climactic battle to see who is the ultimate companion! The first fight, Captain Jack Harkness vs Donna Noble will go live next week, so be sure to look out on our YouTube channel!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 18.30.48


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