More River! More Winston! More Big Finish!

River, 6 and 7Today is a good day if you’re a fan of New Who with Big Finish with them announcing second series of three box sets based on New Who! First of all, we have The Diary of River Song which returns for a second series in January 2017; this time featuring the Sixth and Seventh Doctors (more on this after the break). We also have a second series of The Churchill Years featuring Ian McNeice as Winston Churchill which is due at some point in 2017, as well as a second series of Classic Doctors, New Monsters, which is due to be released December 2017.

The Diary of River Song Series 2
River Song Series 2

From the space exploration vessel Saturnius – which is heading to a destination that never gets any closer – to a doomed planet Earth and beyond, River’s journey will bring her closer to a new foe… and an encounter with both the Sixth and Seventh Doctors.

‘We’re thrilled to have both Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy appearing alongside Alex in this box set,’ says producer David Richardson. ‘I can promise that River and the Doctor might not necessarily be working to the same agenda. In fact, the two Doctors might not be working to the same agenda either…’

The four hour-long adventures are The Unknown by Guy Adams, Five Twenty Nine by John Dorney, World Enough and Time by James Goss and Eye of the Storm by Matt Fitton.


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