Prime Winner Review (In Haikus)

Prime Winner

If you don’t have loads of free time to lounge around listening to Big Finish audios, the Short Trips range are a great place to get your Doctor Who fix; likewise if you’re on a tight budget, at just £2.99 it’s hard to go wrong. This months short trip, Prime Winner features the Sixth Doctor. Will Prime Winner be victorious, or will it fall down at the last hurdle?

The TARDIS makes a forced landing in a lavish room looking very much like the foyer to a 1930s casino. But the games being played in the halls are unlike anything they would find on Earth, and the players are far from human. And then Peri sees her stepfather…


The title of this
Months Shot Trip is Prime Winner;
Features Old Sixie

Doctor is grumpy
He and Peri were stuck in
A Time Storm, oh no!

Soon the two arrive
In a room similar to
A hotel foyer.

We learn a lot more
About Peri’s step-father
Lots of promises.

The Sixth Doctor is
Rather abrasive in this
Makes Peri feel small.

Peri really does
Open up to the Doctor
Then she gets a shock.

Both the Master and
Kamelion gets mentioned
Could they be the cause?

The Doctor really
Is rather unlikeable-
Good old Sixth Doctor.

Peri thinks that her
Step-father, Howard is here
But how could that be?

A conspiracy
All the Prime Winners
Gains some attention.

The Doctor again
Is spiky and abrasive
Peri calms him down.

Peri wearing blue
Is a case of mistaken
Identity so…

…The staff do believe
Peri is a part of a
Royal family.

 The TARDIS had been
Taken out of action so
Doc must use his wits.

This story reminds
Me of two recent stories
It seems a mix of…

…The tale Aquitaine 
And last series’ Heaven Sent
This is no bad thing.

The whole reason for
The TARDIS being brought here
Is just a conman.

It’s not often that
Peri and the Doctor get
A happy ending.

Nigel Fairs has penned
A great Short Trip, even if
It’s forty-five mins.

The rating system on the Gallifrey Archive is achieved on a scale of 1-10.
For Prime Winner, I will give a rating of:



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