Why I Love Doctor Who

I <3 <3 Doctor WhoJamie is here with his first article all about why he loves a show that some of you may have heard of called Doctor Who or something?

On the rainy day that was the 26th of March 2005 I was introduced to something amazing, something magical. Doctor Who. Until this point I had no idea what Doctor Who was, mainly due to my family being interested in sports etc. Flicking through the channels I came across an eerie invasion of plastic mannequins. This fascinated me, purely because this style of program was completely alien to me (no pun intended). The mysterious character of the Doctor burst onto the screen and instantly caught my attention. I found myself thrown into a brand new world which kept pulling me back each week. The character of the Doctor was and still is shrouded in mystery, this further intrigued me and kept me watching. After the end credits of this spectacular episode ended, I felt like this show would become a favourite of mine. Boy was I right. Skip forward 10 years and I have met tons of people whom I am now great friends with and attended a number of conventions and met my idols. Of course, a lot did happen in the 10 years to bring me to this point.

Series One of Doctor Who really introduced me to the world of Science Fiction, a world I had never seen before. Through creepy monsters, “fantastic” writing and amazing acting I was blown away each week. I was surprised and confused when the 9th Doctor regenerated into a new person, the 10th Doctor. This for me is where I really began to love the show. Figures, DVDs, posters! I had it all. Being a kid though, I would always like something else when Doctor Who wasn’t on, such as Pokemon. As the Tennant years went by I found myself more and more invested in the show and its complex characters. I must admit, I was stereotypical New-Who fan until 2013; then I took the plunge and I branched out to Classics. Oh my goodness do I wish I had branched out sooner!

Matt Smith’s Doctor really stood out for me, because unlike his predecessors, he could be parading around the place like a child and then suddenly remind you that he is an ancient, dark Time Lord.
2013 neared and I heard about a 50th Anniversary Celebration. The idea of going really interested me and it fell a few weeks after my birthday, therefore my present was a trip to London, (England, Sol3, the Solar System!) The environment was amazing, I met lovely people and had a wonderful experience. Most notably in 2013, I met a few friends online in a Facebook group and we now have a moderately sized group. We all chat every day and they are as close to me as my real life friends. The idea that a television show can bring people together like this is astonishing.

Eventually I got into Classic Who, and I am never going back! Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy have become instant favourites of mine, but like with the new series, I do not dislike any Doctor. Recently I have gotten into Big Finish audio dramas. I highly recommend them if you haven’t listened to any, purely because to me they are amazing and have helped to make these characters I was already emotionally invested in even more relatable. I also, fairly recently, attended the Doctor Who Festival in London. There, I met Peter Capaldi amongst other cast;  this was the best convention experience I have had to date, purely due to the atmosphere of the convention. (Even if I went on the wrong day so couldn’t meet Daniel!)

I get asked a lot by my non-Whovian friends (yes, I have some of those) “Why do I love Doctor Who?”  To put it simply, Doctor Who is the best show I have watched to date. No matter what difficulties I face in my life, Doctor Who is a show I can immerse myself in and forget any troubles. This for me is an amazing thing that nothing else can let me do. If I want to forget exam anxieties, then I can go watch Tomb of the Cybermen, or listen to some Bernice Summerfield, or read GallifreyArchive. Doctor Who is such a flexible show which has helped me through so much over the years. I love Doctor Who because it makes me feel happy and complete.

What do you think? Why do you love Doctor Who? Let us know by tweeting us @GallifreyRchive 


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