Lucie Miller Returns!

Lucie Bleeding Miller!With Gallifrey One going on Stateside, Big Finish have announced that the Eighth Doctor’s companion, Lucie Miller will return for April’s Short Trip (which I will review in a haiku) in The Curse of The Fugue.

Sheridan Smith, who plays Lucie has said “I have missed Big Finish, and I have missed playing Lucie – I can’t tell you, honestly, those years of playing her with Paul McGann were so much fun. I’m very grateful and happy to be back in the studio. The fans have been great, they’ve really taken to her, they write lovely messages to me on Twitter. I’ve missed her!

For fans of Lucie Miller (myself included), you might be worried that they’re going to meddle around with her departure, but rest assured they don’t have any plans to. Big Finish fan favourite Nick Briggs has confirmed this saying, “But I can confirm there are definitely no plans to reverse her fate in To The Death.



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