Companion Quest- K-9


On my last Companion Quest, I looked at potentially bringing back Susan Foreman, the Doctor’s granddaughter, along with her son for the next companion; and that got me thinking, are there any other past companions that I’d like to potentially bring back, and how would I do it? Then I thought it’s about time we had some more tin in the TARDIS. Let’s bring back K-9.

Now some of you might be wondering exactly why I think K-9 should come back; here’s my answer. K-9 deserves to be in Doctor Who. Sure, he’s supposedly getting his own movie where he’ll battle Omega, but that high-tech, futuristic looking abomination isn’t the same K-9 that travelled with the Doctor; nor is he the same K-9 that plonked his bum in a Black Hole to save everything in creation like in The Sarah Jane Adventures. I want our K-9 back; the original you might say. Here’s why…

K-9 was dropped from the show because he was fundamentally unreliable, he couldn’t manoeuvre stairs, he couldn’t get out of the TARDIS, he could’t walk on anything that wasn’t a flat, smooth surface, he was a bit flawed to be perfectly honest. Bringing him back now however, all of these obstacles could easily be remedied relatively cheaply, either with a revamped K-9 under the hood, or by making certain shots with K-9 CGI. I’m not suggesting that K-9 should hover at all times or be doing loop-de-loops whilst in the middle of a battle with a fleet of Daleks, but he’s a dog, he could always occasionally jump slightly. Have you ever met a dog? You go out of a room for five minutes and they’re jumping up and down when you return.

Another reason that K-9 should rejoin the TARDIS is because the sense of extremely dry wit that K-9 possesses would compliment Peter Capaldi’s incarnation of the Doctor perfectly. You could have some seriously funny debates between the Doctor and K-9 to ease us into episodes, or to diffuse any tension that could be overbearing to the younger end of Doctor Who’s audience. I personally feel like I can relate slightly to K-9; we both are masters of deadpan humour and we both can diffuse tension with a single, well placed word.

If you really think about it, K-9 as a companion is, in a way, the poster boy for the morals and codes Doctor Who as a show stands by to this day. Sure, you could have a really good looking K-9, like that thing that got its own spin-off in Australia, but would we really want Doctor Who to be as flashy and inevitably soon to be outdated as this..?
Fake-9I didn’t think so.
Doctor Who as a show has proven to be timeless; it’s rustic and naff in a few places but that’s why we as fans absolutely love it. Doctor Who is very British; at a time in Hollywood when all the rage seems to be superhero movies with loads of action sequences, special effects and explosions, one of the most watched shows in the world is about a bloke and his pals gallivanting around time and space in a wooden blue box. When Doctor Who was revived in 2005, it would have been easy for the show to be completely revamped, having Johnny Depp as the Doctor and the TARDIS no longer resembling a Police Box but instead be something much more decadent and extravagant. But it didn’t. The same can be said about K-9; he’s efficiently designed, he’s a bit naff and wobbly at time, but that’s why we love him. We as Whovians have been without our dog for long enough. It’s time for K-9 to come home to the TARDIS.

Who’s a good boy?


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