Matt Smith On Big Finish

Doc 11Since Big Finish acquired the rights to New Who which features events up to and including The Time of The Doctor, we’ve had some absolutely cracking box sets released and announced. We’ve had The Churchill Years which followed Winston Churchill’s adventures with the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. We’ve also had The Diary of River Song which followed the exploits of our favourite programmed psychopath/ archaeologist, as well as The War Doctor boxsets, with the second box set, Infernal Devices due out later this month. Also coming soon is The Tenth Doctor Adventures, the second box set in the UNIT range, titled UNIT: Shutdown and Classic Doctors, New Monsters.
On top of all of these amazing releases though, would it be possible that we’d get another incarnation of our favourite Time Lord to join the Big Finish family? Whilst promoting his latest film, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith has spoken to Digital Spy about whether he’d be interested in bringing back his incarnation of the Doctor saying, “No one’s asked me! … If they asked me then I guess it’s yeah, I can’t see why not.”

I know that some people from Big Finish occasionally read this site, and if you are reading this Big Finish, then I think it’s only fair you try your best to make this happen!


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