A Conversation With Colgan

Jenny ColganJenny Colgan is increasingly becoming an unstoppable figure in the literary and audible Whoniverse; her writing with Doctor Who has been broad as she has written Dark Horizons and Into The Nowhere for the Eleventh Doctor, A Long Way Down and All The Empty Towers for the Twelfth Doctor, Gardens of The Dead for the Fifth Doctor, The Boundless Sea for River Song and The Triple Knife for the immortal Ashildr.
Later this week, another one of her stories featured in the ebook The Legends of River Song will be released which will get also receive a hardback release in June. If that wasn’t enough, coming up in May, Jenny’s set to have her most hectic month ever, as she tackles the Tenth Doctor twice! She has written the story Time Reaver for Big Finish and In The Blood with BBC Books.
I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask Jenny some questions about writing, Doctor Who, and fandoms!

What was the first Doctor Who episode you ever watched?
I don’t know, because it was always watched in our house: the first one I remember with any clarity is City of Death, with the Eiffel Tower. When they revealed all the Mona Lisa’s I remember getting such a shiver. The first one I fell in love with was Warrior’s Gate. I still think it’s so weird and beautiful.

Who is your Doctor?
Peter Davison. 

Who is your favourite companion?
Donna Noble.

If you could have one trip in the TARDIS where would you go?
The first Christmas day of course!

As a relative newcomer to writing audios for Big Finish, is there much difference between writing a novel and writing an audio production?
Hahahahahaha *laughs for nine hours*. Yes. Yes there is.
It’s amazing working with Big Finish though, I’m loving it.

Would you ever write an episode of Doctor Who for TV if you were offered?
Of course and of course!

What is it about Whovians that makes them so passionate and loyal?
Well, I don’t know: I’m married to a kiwi, and All Blacks fans are let me tell you, pretty passionate. And my brother’s mother in law is bananas about a particular breed of dog and goes to conventions and stuff. I think you’re just lucky if you have a passion in your life, and this is ours. I do so love the fandom. There is almost no limit to the amount of time I can just sit down and gab on about Doctor Who.

Is there more pressure writing for Doctor Who than your other novels?
No, but it is different, because there’s much stricter criteria in terms of what you can and can’t do. Obviously in the world of my novels, everything belongs to me and I can do what I like. But with Who you’re sharing that world with everyone. Also there’s much more sex in my other novels….until now!! No, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. 

How did you manage to keep the fact you’re writing for the Tenth Doctor for Big Finish a secret until the announcement?
Big Finish stitched up my mouth with a very slow dissolving thread. It was still totally worth it. 

If you could create your own companion, what qualities and/or flaws would they have to have?
At the moment, I’m slightly over companions who can do everything, or think they can. I’m very much in the mood to write a confused wounded bird, hurled out of time, terrified of everything, and ready to be absolutely amazed.

I’d like to thank Jenny again for taking the time to answer these questions. The Legends of River Song will be available as an ebook on the 11th of February priced £4.99 on all good ebook stores such as iBooks and the Kindle Store.


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