Hello there dear reader, this isn’t an article that I ever thought I would have to write, but I would like to apologise to you all. At around midnight, it appears that GallifreyArchive was the victim of a small scale cyberattack, primarily on the social network Twitter, as well as an attempt on our Facebook page and the site itself.

Unfortunately, the attackers managed to hack into our twitter and send out some strange, cryptic or downright bizarre messages to both people I admire and publicly; luckily I caught wind of the attack near enough as soon as it happened and was able to stop the damage from spreading. Since then we’ve upgraded our security on every front and I’ve attempted to get in touch with the people that were seemingly effected by this attack.

GallifreyArchive is a site that is undergoing healthy growth, and like I say in all of my Reverse The Polarity articles, I am incredibly grateful for your continued support.
This attack hasn’t deterred me in the slightest, the intentions of this attack are unclear, however it will not stop me from publishing content about things that I am passionate about and that I love.

If you were unlucky enough to see any of the tweets that were posted and were confused or offended in any way, please accept my sincerest apologies; I’m doing everything in my power to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Thank you for taking your time to read this


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