Doctor Who Series 9 Steelbook

S9Steelbook OpenIf you’ve managed to be patient and wait for the Complete Series 9 boxset, then this may be music to your ears. If you’re a blu-ray collector like myself, you may have noticed that there’s suddenly been an explosion of releases being released in the Steelbook format. Now normally, I don’t go in for Steelbook blu-ray’s, I much prefer to save my money as they’re normally more expensive than their regular plastic case cousins, however this time I might have to spend the extra £5 and treat myself to this version. Amazon have just announced that they’re exclusively releasing the Series 9 Steelbook which appears to feature art by Alice X Zhang, one of my favourite artists in regards to Doctor Who. The boxset can be preordered here currently for £39.99. Be aware that this Steelbook is only available in the blu-ray format, so sorry for any people who are DVD collectors; but for those of us who can play blu-ray’s, this seems like a gorgeous Steelbook to add to our collections.


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