Reverse The Polarity- January 2016


I don’t know about you; but it seems an absolute age since I have written one of these articles; but maybe that’s because of the sheer number of articles that have been published on the site in the past month. It’s been the start of a New Year; with lots of new things being announced and beginning to happen over the coming weeks, so let’s do our monthly round up of what’s gone on in January…

Firstly, let’s start with my favourite part of the article; thanking you the readers. Now I’d be running this site if I had 1 view a month or 1,000,000 views a month, but knowing that people enjoy reading my articles is truly humbling. January has been the biggest month on the site ever, as we continue to grow. Last month we had readers in 48 countries; this year we’ve had readers in 60! So thank you to everyone from… (drumroll as I take a huge breath)
Ukraine, Guernsey, Albania, Uruguay, South Africa, Luxembourg, Iceland, Tunisia, Hong Kong, Barbados, Angola, Malaysia, Thailand, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, India, Ecuador, Chile, Croatia, Turkey, Argentina, South Korea, Poland, Phillipenes, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Pakistan, Gibraltar, Singapore, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Taiwan, Finland, Japan, Greece, Russia, Venezuela, Denmark, Norway, Italy, European Union, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. It truly means a lot.

As you might have guest from the increased readership, it also means increased views. This is where my mind was really blown; in the month of January, I’ve had more views on the site than since June 2015- December 2015. I’ve already had more views this year than I have last year; again, I want to say thank you.

We’ve also managed to publish 38 articles this month, which I think might be our best month ever; including a lot of Big Finish reviews that have served to be very popular, as well as some feature articles that have been incredibly tough but a fun challenge nonetheless. I’ll let you trek through January’s published articles and try and work out which ones I mean.

Looking forward then, to February, I can tell you that we’ll be reviewing even more Big Finish releases, such as the upcoming War Doctor box set, Infernal Devices, we’ll have the return of the GallifreyArchive Podcast! Which is going to be a fortnightly affair of stuff and musings from my head. We also can’t forget about Series 9X which will debut on the 28th February and undoubtedly much, much more.

I know I say it a lot in the Reverse The Polarity articles, but I truly am thankful for your continued readership and support; it does truly mean a lot and I can’t wait for you to come on this crazy journey with me in the future.


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