My Series 10 Expectations

Doctor Who LogoI’m aware that a few weeks ago I published two articles based on what I would have as my dream Series 10 (you can find them here and here). This article is different however, as with the news that Series 10 will be Steven Moffat’s swan song, I thought that the Series 10 we’ll see next year will be somewhat different. This is what I think we definitely have in store…

Christmas Special 2016– For me, I think that this years Christmas special will be a solo Doctor adventure, not introducing the new companion for Series 10 or having any mention of them. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the Christmas special would feature a monster we’ve seen before, mainly to bring in a large crowd. My top contenders would be Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels or maybe even Time Lords. The Christmas special will be hyped to hell and be at the forefront of the BBC’s Christmas scheduling, allowing a family audience to all sit down and watch it. Expect something light hearted, but probably not as light hearted as The Husbands of River Song.

Episode 1+2- I think that Steven Moffat’s greatest opening story was definitely The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon; everything was great from the scale of the episode, to the story, to the characters to the cliffhanger. If Steven Moffat really is going to make Series 10 memorable, he needs to build on the foundation that the Series 6 opener had and also introduce the new companion without making them such a mystery or plot device.

Episode 3- If we open with a two parter, I think it’s safe to say that Episode 3 will be a much smaller and more personal affair, getting to know the new companion as well as the new companion-Doctor dynamic. I’d really love it if Steven decides to go from the epicness of the opening story to a much more cosy affair, maybe even being so bold as to have the Doctor and the new companion as the only two characters in the story. Imagine he took everything great from Heaven Sent and allowed himself the opportunity to really get into the mindset of what will undoubtedly be Steven Moffat’s last companion.

Episode 4- After we’ve really gotten to know the companion in the last episode, Episode 4 will probably be a great space romp; I imagine that around this point of the series, Steven would want something aimed slightly at the younger end of the audience; think of Dinosaurs On A Spaceship but with a grumpy old Time Lord trying to show his new companion that he can do ‘fun’. And hopefully failing miserably.

Episode 5+6– We haven’t had a really good historical episode in a long while, and, considering Steven Moffat’s first Doctor Who story was The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances, I think it’d be a shame if we didn’t get another great historical story from the man himself. I mean come on, over ten years later the words “Are you my Mummy?” still sends chills down the spines of many.

Episode 7- Something modern day; possibly in America as the Doctor seems to like to go to America. Or maybe even New Zealand now that the rumours of Peter Jackson directing an episode are ramping up after that video with Peter Capaldi. Maybe a semi-historical episode featuring Tolkien could be on the cards. Who knows?

Episode 8+9- If we believe the chitter-chatter that Steven Moffat has got some huge names to write for Series 10, and if we are to believe that one of those writers is indeed JK Rowling, then I think that the BBC would want to make her episodes a big deal to the public. The writer of Harry Potter writes a Doctor Who story; it seems like it might be too good to be true. But we can dream. I thought long and hard about what an episode written by JK Rowling would be like, and I have a lot of ideas, so that might be its own article in the future.

Episode 10+11+12- Yes, I know I’m going out on a limb here, but with Steven Moffat’s departure, I think he’d want to make the finale huge. When I say huge, I mean colossal. Remember way back when in 2008 when we had our last full series with Davies and we had The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End? Wasn’t that a packed to the rafters type of episode? We had the Doctor. We had another Doctor. We had Donna, Martha, Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Sarah Jane, Luke, Captain Jack, the Torchwood team, Harriet Jones, Davros and the Daleks. In one story. Whilst I don’t think Steven Moffat will want a massive reunion to end his era on the show, as he seems like the type of man who prefers to look forward than go back, I can see him working with Chris Chibnall to lay down a momentous event that will carry on into the new era of the show. Personally I’d like a multi-Doctor story featuring the 11th and 12th Doctors (maybe with the War Doctor too) against an amazingly powerful force that will have repercussions going into Series 11; but I honestly think we will end with a three parter.


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