Doctor Who- A Recipe

RecipeI often ponder about things whilst laid in my bed; it’s the time my brain seems to really wake up and want to be creative, it’s when my motivation hits me, when the ideas flow. If I’m ever in a creative rut I’ve started going for a lie down as sitting doesn’t seem to help my creative process at all. Admittedly, that means I have to wait until I’m home or in a hotel room before I can be really creatively; apparently just lying down in the street or on a train isn’t socially acceptable. This is honestly the most convoluted way to justify why I’m writing an article. Long story short, I enjoy Doctor Who and I enjoy baking; baking is a very precise science and I think that writing a good episode of Doctor Who is a precise science too. I merged these two passions of mine and here’s the recipe to make great Doctor Who.

1 Great Time Lord
1-3 Companions (to taste)
1 Villain
1 Interesting Setting
A Handful of Terrible Jokes
Three Cups of Action
1 Whole Jar of ‘The Feels’

Step One
Start by combining your Time Lord, your Companion(s) and your TARDIS. Bring them together in a natural way which feels right. Don’t spend too long on this step or your episode of Doctor Who may become flaky or dry.

Step Two
Once you have your Time Lord, Companion(s) and TARDIS together, set it down in your Interesting Setting. Stretch the Time Lord and Companion(s), allowing them to fully expand and explore over your Interesting Setting.

Step Three
After you feel that your Time Lord and Companion(s) have explored enough, before it goes stale, introduce your Villain a little at a time is possible. Be careful, if you introduce all of your Villain at once, you may find that the episode appears too rushed or crammed, or you will have no room for development later.

Step Four
As you’re gradually adding more and more of your Villain, have the Time Lord and the Companion(s) attempt to overpower your Villain. Try not to let this succeed straight away, as letting the ingredients stick straight away will result in you not being able to utilise your jar of ‘The Feels’ later on.

Step Five
Now is the time to add in your handful of Terrible Jokes; try mainly to have these gel with either the Time Lord or the Villain for the best effect.

Step Six
This is where you really need to knead all of your already added ingredients together. Be sure to leave out your jar of ‘The Feels’ for now.

Step Seven
Once the mixture appears to be the right consistency and have the correct resolution, add 1/2 to 2/3 of your jar of ‘The Feels’. This may appear to ruin the episode now, but once baked it will be clear that this step was ultimately for the best.

Step Eight
Bake your episode in the oven at 180°C for 45mins-1hr.

Step Nine
Let the episode cool down on online forums for the next week, allowing everyone time to digest it.

Step Ten (Optional)
If you’re feeling extra cruel, add your remaining feels later on in the series, reminding everyone of that great episode of Doctor Who you cooked up previously.

If you follow this method, you should have a great episode of Doctor Who! Obviously if you’re feeling brave you can tweak this recipe or add or subtract certain ingredients, however this should only be done by professionals and should test out their method before giving it to the public.


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