Companion Quest- Mother & Son


This Companion Quest is something a bit different; instead have having actors or actresses in mind that I’d like to one day have a place in the TARDIS, it’s a pairing of characters that I feel could bring something new into the TARDIS to accompany the Doctor; it could even have a devastating end too. I know how much my readers love it when I can add jeopardy to any situation, so here it is. I would like a mother and son team aboard the Doctor’s TARDIS; and I’m going to tell you why…

Now I’m going to clarify exactly what I mean by a mother and son team; I definitely don’t want a new mum carting her six month old child around time and space; that would extremely irresponsible and dangerous. I’m thinking of a slightly older mum, maybe in her forties, accompanied by her soon who is in his late teens; this is where your mind could be blown. It could be a regenerated Susan Foreman and her son, the Doctor’s great-grandson. The idea of an older woman and a younger man in the TARDIS accompanying an ancient Time Lord is really interesting, especially with the parent/child dynamic. You’d have the Doctor trying to impress the child, as at the heart(s) of it, the Doctor is essentially a big kid (or maybe a grumpy teenager in Series 8) and likes making children happy. On the other side of the coin you’d have the parent trying to keep their child safe, whilst still being completely in wonder with the beauty and fragility of the universe. If you think of the mum being kind of like Donna Noble and the child being a mix between Rigsy and Rose, that’s the type of people I think would be really interesting.

I can always tell that I have an idea I like when writing these Companion Quest articles because I can come up with scenarios for how these companions would enter and leave the show. Imagine the mum be struggling at home, she’s just gone through a messy divorce and has lost all hope in everything; in men, in love, in wonder, in beauty, in the universe. Her teenage son is trying his best to comfort her, make her feel better, but he’s just lost a father figure and is emotionally fragile too. This mother and son know that they have to stick by one another and ultimately be there for each other through thick and thin. Then enter the Doctor; his TARDIS materialises in their living room, completely by accident. He sees that these two people have done nothing wrong and don’t deserve to be treated this way. The Doctor makes it his mission to restore faith in the universe in the mother and son by helping them escape their hellish lives and journeying with him through time and space.

If this scenario was used, we’d get to see a much more compassionate side to the Doctor than we’ve seen recently; we’d see him comfort and somewhat counsel the mum, telling her that everything will eventually sort itself out because that’s how the universe works, then we’d see him with her son, trying to make him understand that just because some people make bad decisions, it doesn’t make them bad people, and that everyone makes mistakes.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’d have a whole series talking it out aboard the TARDIS and they’d still get to battle monsters and stop injustice, but at the heart of the series, we’d see just how powerful a bond between mother and son can be.

Obviously, with this being Doctor Who though, at some point the mother and son would have to stop travelling around with the Doctor, but the most important question is always how are why would they exit? This is where I think this dynamic could tug at the heartstrings of everyone watching. After seeing this fragile bond from the start of their arrival grow stronger and stronger, we see an immense battle with an extremely powerful enemy. Neither the son nor the mother is worried about getting out of this scrape, as they know that the Doctor always comes and saves the day, but he’s been taken prisoner and is powerless. The enemy is drawing closer, and there seems to be no sign of their favourite Time Lord anywhere; the son decides that his mum is more important to the universe than he is. The son sacrifices himself to save his mother and his last words are ‘Thank you’. The mother is distraught, she’s lost everything, and she lost her son because of the Doctor. The Doctor eventually frees himself and rushes to save the day but it’s too late. The mother is absolutely furious at him because it was the Doctor that got them into this mess. Not only does make her want to go home, it also breaks the Doctor; he realises he can’t save everyone, and that these deaths have consequences. We see a lot of death in Doctor Who, but very rarely do we see how these deaths impact on other people and I think it could be a really interesting way to portray it.

What do you think? Do you think that a mother and son dynamic could work aboard the TARDIS? Let us know either in the comments below or by tweeting us @UtopiaOfGeek


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