Why 2016 Could Be The Year For Whovians

MissyI know that the title might confuse some of you, what with the recent news that we’re getting no Doctor Who on our screens until Christmas Day this year; and I’m somewhat disappointed too, even though it probably is for the best. Having said that though, and pretty much thinking about Doctor Who non-stop, I’ve come to a conclusion; this year has the possibility to be great for the Whovian community. Let me tell you why…

First of all, we are blessed in a way that we haven’t been since 2004 in the fact we have as much time in the world to go back and watch old episodes, whether they be episodes that are some of your favourites or episodes that you’ve never seen before; having a whole 366 days (gotta love a leap year) to take in as much as possible without the fear that you’re against a clock to watch everything before the next series starts so you can be invested in that will be a nice breather. In 2013 Steven Moffat said that the 50th anniversary year will be looking toward the future rather than looking back. Maybe the 53rd anniversary year can be the year we pause for a moment and reflect on all that has happened thus far.

Secondly, we have Class which is rumoured to air around August; now I know that people have already jumped to conclusions that it is going to be terrible, but I have seen no evidence to support that theory at all. The last time we had a Doctor Who spin off was in 2011 when both the final episodes of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures aired. For all we know, Class might be even better than Doctor Who has been, I often wonder, especially in the online community, what happened to not judging a book by its cover?

Thirdly, we still do have new Doctor Who this year. A lot of it! So far Big Finish have announced at least 44 Doctor Who releases for the rest of this year, and they’ll no doubt have some more stuff in the pipeline before then too, so we can’t really complain. Sure, it’s not free and it involves Doctor’s from the days of old, but they’re always giving stories away for free or for next to no money if you bide your time.

Finally in this list that I’ve just riffed with, we have the fact that for the first time ever, we’ll essentially have a ‘Year of the Fans’. With no official episodes of Doctor Who airing, the Whovian community will get their chance to shine and thrive. Most people who enjoy Doctor Who in some way are also talented, creative people. You just have to look online for that to be apparent. Whether you’re a great artist, a songwriter, musician, scriptwriter, blogger, vlogger, product reviewer, episode reviewer, comedian, apple sculptor or anything else, maybe this is your year. As a community, there’s nothing at all restricting us throughout 2016; so let’s make it worth it. This is the time for the people in charge to take notice of us, the upcoming creative people, with great ideas and original concepts.
For all we know, 2016 could be the year that we begin our Doctor Who journeys as professionals, let’s make it count.


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