Introducing Series 9X!

Yesterday, I published an article saying that something original and very exciting will be coming to GallifreyArchive this year, and I can confirm that it is indeed the universal premiere of…

Series 9X

Steven Moffat has been kind enough to let me showrun this extremely special series of Doctor Who (not really) and I have graciously accepted this task. Starting on the 28th February, then being released on the 28th of each month, a new short story featuring the Doctor and a series of new companions will be published exclusively on GallifreyArchive. I’ll be using some of the ideas from my Series 10 Pitch (Part 1 , Part 2) as well as some new ideas, so you’ll never be quite sure about what’s happening in the series.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy Series 9X and will take it as a fun little project which can give you some new Doctor Who stories throughout the year! We’ll be releasing the title of Episode 1 on 5th February on the GallifreyArchive Podcast, so listen out for it!


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