Companion Quest- Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith

With Series 10 an age away and with the promise of at least one new companion, I thought it would be fun to work through a list of people I think would be a great companion to the Time Lord; I’m in no way saying that they should necessarily be companion to Capaldi’s Doctor, these Companion Quests will just be a list of people I really want to see travel in the TARDIS on a more permanent basis in the future of the show.
My next choice for a future companion is actress Sheridan Smith.

Now I’m aware that there’s a percentage of people reading this article that are probably already prepared to write a comment along the following lines:
I’m very aware; but this could have one of two possible outcomes which could make the Doctor/companion dynamic. I’m here to tell you why this could potentially be extremely interesting for the show.

First of all, we have to look back to 2013, the 50th anniversary of the show we know as Doctor Who. On the 23rd of November we were promised a huge episode in The Day of The Doctor, on the 14th of November though, something that was supposed to be something smaller but equally as surprising and  revolutionary happened in the form of the ‘minisode’ known as The Night of The Doctor. Not only in this story did we finally get to see the Eighth Doctor’s regeneration, a whole seventeen years after the Eighth Doctor’s only episode aired, but we only got confirmation that the Big Finish universe was canon. This news let Big Finish aficionados around the world rejoice, and has opened up this interesting opportunity.

Now it’s no secret that I absolutely adore the Eighth Doctor on audio, and with Peter Capaldi’s comments that he’d like a more ‘street’ companion, I immediately thought of the gobby, no-holds-barred, initially reluctant Big Finish companion, Lucie Miller. The best way to describe Lucie to people who haven’t listened to her adventures in time and space is a cross between Rose Tyler and Donna Noble. A perfect mix for many; plus Sheridan Smith is 34 now, meaning she could play a companion who has more life experience than younger companions such as Amy or Clara. If Sheridan Smith there are a number of ways they could bring her into the show; these are my ideas.

Lucie Miller
The character of Lucie Miller stays the same, but something happens meaning that her departure from the Eighth Doctor has changed slightly. This means that viewers of the TV show are more likely to listen to the Eighth Doctor Adventures featuring Lucie to understand what’s previously happened. It would be good to cement more and more that Big Finish is canon in the TV universe.

Lucy Miller
We could have a reimagining of Lucie Miller as Lucy Miller, meaning that the canonical marriage brought together in The Night of The Doctor would be changed, but means new viewers would be able to understand her story a lot easier, without having to invest in any Big Finish at all. This also means she’d be able to have all of her first moments again.

Someone Entirely New
We’ve seen this happen many times before, the same face, or in this case, the same voice being two totally different characters. Colin Baker, Peter Capaldi, Karen Gillan and Freema Agyeman all appeared in the show before becoming either a Doctor or companion; so it’s totally justifiable that the same would happen with Sheridan Smith’s character too.

The most important reason why Sheridan Smith could easily be a contender for the new companion is that she’s an absolutely amazing actress; I’ve seen her in loads of shows, and there’s not one performance where she doesn’t totally win me over. Whether she’s playing Rudy in Gavin & Stacey, a bratty younger sister who is hilariously accurate, or when she played Lisa Lynch in the utterly heart-breaking yet uplifting The C-Word, she has such a wide range of acting talent and diversity; she’d be absolutely perfect to be an on screen companion.

What do you think? Who do you think would be a good companion for the Doctor? Let us know by either commenting below or tweeting us @UtopiaOfGeek.


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