Multi-Master Mayhem!

Big Finish are set to release a trilogy of Doctor Who Monthly Range adventures in April, May and June featuring two Masters! This connecting trilogy will start with …And You Will Obey Me featuring Geoffrey Beavers and the Fifth Doctor played by Peter Davison; following on in May will be Vampire of The Mind featuring Alexander McQueen and the Sixth Doctor played by Colin Baker; then to conclude, the two Master’s will team up in The Two Masters against the Seventh Doctor played by Sylvester McCoy.
More information after the break!

…And You Will Obey Me
The Doctor arrives at a quiet churchyard in the English countryside – the supposed last resting-place of the Master. But alien forces are gathered around, determined to ensure that the Master will not rest in peace…

Vampire of The Mind
The Doctor suspects the hand of his oldest enemy behind a spate of mysterious disappearances… but will he even recognise the ‘new’ Master, when he arrives at the scene of one of their earlier encounters?

The Two Masters
The Doctor is drawn into a desperate battle with his arch-enemy – squared!

All of these releases are available to preorder on the Big Finish website; £12.99 for a digital copy or £14.99 for a physical copy.


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