Series 10 Pitch- Part 2

Doctor Who LogoWe know that Series 10 might be a way off. A very long way off. There’s even rumours that Series 10 will start with the Christmas Special and carry on into 2017. So, seen as it’s doubtful that we’ll get any news any time soon about Series 10 (at least we have Class right?) I thought that it would be fun to pitch my ideas for all thirteen episodes of Series 10; in the hope that should anyone from the Doctor Who production team, or the Big Finish production team should read this, it might give me a chance to become a scriptwriter. In this half of the pitch, I’m going to pitch the latter six episodes. If you want to read Part 1 first, click here.

Episode 8- The Moon of Mondas
Desperately trying to get back to the prison planet, the Doctor sets the coordinates on the Vortex Manipulator to take Abbie, Sebastian and himself back a few minutes after they arrived. But someone has meddled with space. Instead of arriving on the prison planet, they arrive on a moon of a planet that is extremely similar to Earth. The Doctor is sure he’s been here before, lifetimes ago, but this time he can’t escape.

Episode 9- Song of The Cybermen
Being pursued by the Mondasian Cybermen who are increasing in numbers, the Doctor, Abbie and Sebastian all have to search the moon for any signs of gold. Meanwhile a mysterious force is at work, ensuring the demise of one of the TARDIS crew…

Episode 10- Justice of The Judoon
The Doctor is furious that he’s lost one of his companions and his Vortex Manipulator to the hands of the Judoon. Luckily, he uses the HADS system to summon the TARDIS and visit the Shadow Proclamation. Why is there suddenly a bounty on the Doctor’s head? Why are the Judoon acting like assassins? Who is the mysterious stranger paying them so handsomely?

Episode 11- Rewritten
The Doctor returns to Gallifrey to tell the High Council his findings. Whoever is disturbing time and space appears to have a personal vendetta against the Doctor. He has one lead, someone whom he grew up with and has disagreed with on many occasions. The Time Lords have given the Doctor control of his TARDIS, and he must go on a reluctant manhunt to stop this tyranny.

Episode 12- The Mistress of Time and Space
On a backwater planet known only as ‘Chaos’, the Doctor and Abbie find Missy in the middle of a negotiation with a plethora of the Doctor’s greatest adversaries. Using Abbie as a way to discover what’s going on unnoticed, the Doctor stays out of it, hoping to discover and then stop Missy’s plan from breaking any more fixed points in time. But what happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’?

Episode 13- The Massacre of The Monk
After learning that Missy was totally innocent of the time distortion, the Doctor enlists her to help him discover the real menace. Abbie is slowly fading from time and neither the Doctor or Missy can explain why. The TARDIS takes them back through Abbie’s timeline since she’s been travelling with the Doctor. The culprit has been meddling ever since the beginning. The Meddling Monk is out for revenge.


So there you have it; my idea for a whole series of Doctor Who. What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below, along with which fictitious episode sounds the best to you! Who knows? I might make the favourite a fan-made audio drama!


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