The Tenth Doctor

Tenth DoctorWelcome to the Tenth Doctor overview! Here I tell you a bit about the actor, their tenure on the show, their companions and their Top 5 Stories they starred in. Let’s get started!

The Actor
Name- David Tennant
D.O.B- 18th April 1971
Trivia- Davis Tennant was a massive Doctor Who fan as a child and it was the show that actually inspired him to become an actor. After working with the then showrunner Russell T Davies on the show Casanova, where Tennant played the lead role, he auditioned to play the Time Lord after it was confirmed that Christopher Eccleston would be leaving after one series.

The Tenure
David Tennant was announced to play the Tenth Doctor on the 16th April 2005, just three weeks after Doctor Who returned to our screens. In fact it was the same day that The Unquiet Dead aired. Fans were initially upset that it was announced so soon that Eccleston was leaving the role, preferring for the impending regeneration to be a surprise.

The Tenth Doctor first burst onto our screens in a glow of golden regeneration energy on the 18th June 2005 in The Parting of The Ways. His first full episode was The Christmas Invasion which aired on the 25th December 2005. Tennant announced he was leaving the show on the 29th October 2008 in a special message that was first shown at the National Television Awards which you can see below.

Even though it was announced that he was leaving in 2008, David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor didn’t regenerate until the 1st January 2010 in The End of Time Part Two after starring in three full series and a mini-series comprising of five specials.

Like the Ninth Doctor before him and the Eleventh Doctor after him, the Tenth Doctor’s era was filled with story arcs that tended to last for a series.
In the second series, the word Torchwood seemed to be following the Doctor and Rose around, wherever they went; much like the term Bad Wolf in Series 1. During the finale two parter Army of Ghosts and Doomsday it was revealed that Torchwood was actually an institute that dabbled in alien technology.

In the third series, the series arc seemed a lot more subtle, with references to the mysterious Mr. Saxon peppered throughout. As was becoming a trend, it wasn’t until the finale two parter until we discovered exactly what this arc meant. During The Sound of Drums we learnt that the illustrious Mr. Saxon was the newest Prime Minister… and also the Master.

Series 4 didn’t just have one overarching arc like the previous three series; instead there seemed to be a lot of smaller hints being dropped. The first one were the images and unexplained appearances of Rose Tyler, who was supposedly trapped in a parallel universe. The second was the ‘DoctorDonna’ or people asking if the Doctor and Donna were married and the final arc was the theory of lost planets. All of these small, subtle arcs were tied together in the Series 4 finale The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End.

Rose Tyler Series 2The Tenth Doctor’s first companion was Rose Tyler; the woman whom he saved in his ninth incarnation which triggered the regeneration. Rose stayed with the Doctor until Doomsday where she became trapped in a parallel universe. Her love for for the Doctor didn’t stop her trying to cross universes to get back to him though, during the fourth series she finally managed to get back to our universe in The Stolen Earth, only for the Doctor to then be shot by a Dalek seemingly causing him to regenerate.

Donna NobleThe next companion was Donna Noble, who first travelled in the TARDIS with the Doctor in The Runaway Bride, the 2006 Christmas special. She then returned in 2008 as the Series 4 companion where she first appeared in Partners In Crime. This temp from Chiswick was unlike the majority of the rest of the Tenth Doctor’s companions, as she was a middle aged woman who just wanted to travel with the Doctor for fun; there was no love interest at all. Donna’s fate was possibly the most tragic of all of the Tenth Doctor’s companions, as she had to have her memory wiped, meaning she had no recollection of her travels with the Doctor whatsoever.

Martha JonesMartha Jones was the next companion of the Tenth Doctor. After losing Rose, the Doctor was extremely reluctant to let anyone else travel aboard the TARDIS with him. However in Series 3’s opening episode, Smith and Jones, the Doctor agreed that Martha had earned a trip on the TARDIS. It wasn’t until the episode 42, the midpoint of Series 3 that the Doctor agreed that Martha was officially a companion by giving her a TARDIS Key. Unlike Rose and Donna, Martha chose to leave the Doctor and the adventures in time and space after the horrors she witnessed in The Sound of Drums and The Last of The Time Lords where the Master had tortured her family. Even though Martha left the TARDIS at the end of Series 3, she appeared again in Series 4 in The Sontaran StratagemThe Poison SkyThe Doctor’s DaughterThe Stolen Earth and Journey’s End.

Astrid PethDuring the 2007 Christmas special, Voyage of the Damned, the Tenth Doctor was accompanied by Astrid Peth, a stewardess on the space ship, the Titanic. Astrid had a great sense for adventure and wanted to travel amongst the stars, making her an ideal companion for the Doctor. However, this was not to be as during the episode, Astrid sacrificed herself to help destroy Max Capricorn, the evil human/robot hybrid that planned to crash the Titanic for an insurance scam. All was not lost however, as the Doctor saved Astrid from falling to her death and placed her in stasis before letting her atoms be scattered amongst the stars.

Jackson LakeIn Victorian London, the Tenth Doctor seemingly bumped into a future incarnation of himself; however this future ‘Doctor’ has no recollection at all of who the Tenth Doctor is. During The Next Doctor it was discovered that this future Doctor wasn’t the Doctor after all; instead this man was called Jackson Lake, a normal human that had been in a fugue state after witnessing his wife’s death, the kidnapping of his son and the horrors of the Cybermen.

Lady Christina De SouzaDuring Planet of The Dead, the Tenth Doctor’s one off companion was Lady Christina DeSouza, a woman of the aristocracy who was bored of her humdrum life of wealth. Christina was a professional thief, having stolen a diamond that was used later in the episode to help the Tritovore’s ship be repaired. Once they arrived back on Earth, the Doctor helped Christina escape from the police but never let her aboard the TARDIS.

Adelaide BrookeOn the first base on Mars, Bowie Base One, the Doctor’s companion was Adelaide Brooke; the captain of the research team in The Waters of Mars. Adelaide had a no-nonsense attitude and had a great sense of responsibility and care for her fellow crew. After the Doctor saved her from The Flood, he dropped her off back at home on Earth, thus changing the established timeline, claiming he was the ‘Time Lord Victorious’. Adelaide thought that no man should have such power and so took her own life in her home, hopefully setting the timeline correct again.

Wilfred MottDuring the Tenth Doctor’s final battle with the Master and the Time Lords, his companion was perhaps the most unlikely. Wilfred Mott; grandfather to Donna Noble, a former soldier in World War II and someone who had the upmost admiration for the Doctor. In The End of Time, Wilf was likened to being the Doctor’s father in his mannerisms. Unfortunately, it was Wilf’s kindness that brought the Tenth Doctor’s demise. The prophecy stated in Planet of the Dead of ‘he will knock four times’ was thought to be the call of the Master; however it transpired that it was actually Wilf locked in a radiation regulator, a device that controlled the Immortality Gate that was purchased by Joshua Naismith. The Doctor then sacrificed himself to save Wilf to stop him being flooded by excess radiation.

Top 5 Stories
5. Blink
4. 42
3. The Satan Pit
2. The Waters of Mars
1. Midnight 


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