Series 10 Pitch- Part 1

Doctor Who LogoWe know that Series 10 might be a way off. A very long way off. There’s even rumours that Series 10 will start with the Christmas Special and carry on into 2017. So, seen as it’s doubtful that we’ll get any news any time soon about Series 10 (at least we have Class right?) I thought that it would be fun to pitch my ideas for all thirteen episodes of Series 10; in the hope that should anyone from the Doctor Who production team, or the Big Finish production team should read this, it might give me a chance to become a scriptwriter. In this half of the pitch, I’m going to pitch the first seven episodes.

Episode 1- Resurgence 
The Doctor, after spending a night with River on Darillium, has decided that he’s bored of being passive and watching the days go by. The Doctor is hungry for adventure. Travelling to the start of a new civilisation on a relatively freshly formed planet, he meets a young woman called Abbie who’s distant relative was Adelaide Brooke. Her family has been held in stasis until they reach the yet unnamed planet, but she doesn’t want to settle and help start civilisation. Abbie wants to see the universe she’s travelled through for thousands of years and luckily for her, the Doctor has a vacancy.

Episode 2- The Calendar of Death
The Doctor and Abbie travel back in time to Earth, 600BC to a small Mayan city. There, they discover that one frail old man is feared by all. Whilst Abbie is fascinated by the primitive sacrifices that take place, the Doctor discovers that the frail old man hides a secret and the power to choose when the world will end. 

Episode 3- The Crimes To Time
The Doctor is summoned back to Gallifrey after supposedly changing a fixed point in time; with no control over his TARDIS, the Doctor has to prove that he’s innocent of this crime, and Abbie discovers that the Doctor’s life can lead a trail of destruction in its wake..

Episode 4- Criminal Activity
The Time Lords have sent the Doctor and Abbie on a quest to find out who exactly has been altering fixed points in time. Their first stop is a planet sized prison, where the inmates have been fading out of their cells and back into space causing havoc. With the help of one of the criminals, a Time Agent known as Sebastian Pollock, the Doctor and Abbie must try and stop all of the prisoners being released before it’s too late.

Episode 5- The Vortex Hive
The Doctor is furious at the Time Lords for taking over his TARDIS, so he decides to travel by a Vortex Manipulator he acquired at the prison. Whilst he, Abbie and Sebastian are travelling through the vortex, they suddenly stop. Instead of jumping from one time and place to another; they’re stuck in the vortex. The raw energy passing through them is enough to turn them to dust; so what’s keeping them alive? More importantly, how do they get out?

Episode 6- iStalk
Earth, 2033. Everyone is glued to their smartphones, smart watches and smart lives. The Doctor senses that something is wrong. There’s the hottest new app, iStalk which allows you to remotely see what anyone in the world is up to. Abbie discovers that humanity wasn’t always the pioneering people she’d been told about. Meanwhile, Sebastian is asking, why does everyone seem to have an interest in him, Abbie and the Doctor?

Episode 7- Vision of The Daleks
Sebastian and the Doctor wake up in a prison cell in Manchester; Sebastian feels right at home. The Doctor is curious as to how they got here and how Abbie has seemed to escape this mysterious forces clutches. There’s something too metallic tasting for the Doctor’s liking too, but that’s the least of his worries. Meanwhile, Abbie has been taken to iStalk’s headquarters where she’s been given special permission to meet the illustrious CEO, Dale K. Smith.


So those are the first seven episodes of my version of Series 10; obviously the actual Series 10 is going to differ massively, but it’s fun to imagine right? Come back tomorrow where we’ll have the second half of the series!


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