The Ninth Doctor

Ninth Doctor

Welcome to our Ninth Doctor overview! Here I tell you about the actor, their tenure on the show, their companions and the Top 5 Stories they starred in. Let’s get started!

The Actor
Name- Christopher Eccleston
D.O.B- 16th February 1964
Trivia- Despite playing the Time Lord, in 2015 Eccleston said in an interview that he didn’t watch Doctor Who as a child, nor did he watch the episodes he was in, nor does he watch the show today.

The Tenure
Christopher Eccleston was announced to be playing the Ninth Doctor in the new revival of Doctor Who on the 22nd March 2004. He was the production teams first choice to play the part, however the bookies also had high stakes on Bill Nighy, Richard E Grant, Anthony Head, Eddie Izzard, Hugh Grant or Alan Davies playing the part.

Christopher Eccleston first debuted as the Doctor on the 26th March 2005 in Rose, his last episode was The Parting of The Ways which aired 18th June 2005.

The reintroduction of Doctor Who as a show in the 21st century brought some significant changes from the classic era. The most predominant of all were the story arcs that featured heavily during Eccleston’s series of playing the Doctor. As this was the first time such a large arc had happened in the show, many fans didn’t realise it was there at all until later on in the series. As the series-long arc has been going for so long now however, most people try and work out the mystery in the first few episodes.

Bad WolfThe Ninth Doctor’s arc revolved around two words; Bad Wolf, that seemed to follow the Ninth Doctor wherever and whenever he went. It wasn’t until the closing minutes of the series finale, The Parting of The Ways that we fully understood what Bad Wolf actually was.

The Companions
Since the Ninth Doctor only had one series, some would think that he didn’t have that many companions; this was not the case however, the Ninth Doctor had three companions through his thirteen episodes.
Rose TylerThe most famous companion to the Ninth Doctor was of course Rose Tyler, a 19 year old from London who worked in a shop. An ordinary young woman with a sense for adventure. We first met her in the opening episode of Series 1, Rose and she stayed with the Ninth Doctor until his regeneration in The Parting of The Ways. She then stayed with the Tenth Doctor until she was trapped in a parallel dimension in Doomsday, however she did return later in the Tenth Doctor’s tenure.

AdamOne of the most forgotten companions of all, Adam Mitchell was also one of the most short lived. We first met this genius in Dalek working for Henry Van Statten, a billionaire who owned the internet; sick of being mistreated by Van Statten, and after Rose quickly gained a soft spot for him, Adam was allowed to travel with her and the Doctor aboard the TARDIS. This wasn’t to last though, as in The Long Game Adam lost the privilege to travel in the TARDIS as he had an infospike embedded into his head after the Doctor warned him not to.

Captain JackThe final companion of the Ninth Doctor was rogue Time Agent, Captain Jack Harkness, a man from the 51st century who had his mind wiped and was seemingly out for revenge. When we first meet Captain Jack in The Empty Child as he’s trying to recover a Chula Warship from London during the Second World War to sell to the highest bidder. He then learns that a life with the Doctor and Rose could be more prosperous, and it meant that the Doctor could keep him in line. Jack stayed with the Doctor and Rose until The Parting of The Ways where the dying Ninth Doctor abandoned him on the Game Station.

Top 5 Stories
5. Fathers Day
4. The Unquiet Dead
3. The Parting of The Ways
2. Dalek
1. The Empty Child


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