2015-The Year In Reviews

Time2015 is drawing to a close. Which is rather mental; where has this year gone? It’s still bizarre to think that this site hasn’t even been around a year, but what a great six months it has been. As a lover of lists, I’ve decided that I’m going to do a roundup of every review we’ve uploaded this year, from the highest rated to lowest rated.

Click on any title to be taken to the full review!

Signs by James Goss (Big Finish) 10/10
The Doctor Who Festival (Event) 9.9/10
Heaven Sent by Steven Moffat (TV) 9.8/10
I Went To A Marvellous Party by Justin Richards (Big Finish) 9.5/10
The Heart of The Battle by Nicholas Briggs (Big Finish) 9.5/10
Face The Raven by Sarah Dollard (TV) 9.5/10
The Zygon Invasion by Peter Harness (TV) 9.5/10
The Rulers of The Universe by Matt Fitton (Big Finish) 9/10
The Boundless Sea by Jenny T Colgan (Big Finish) 9/10
The Thousand Worlds by Nicholas Briggs (Big Finish) 9/10
The Innocent by Nicholas Briggs (Big Finish) 9/10
Jago & Litefoot & Strax by Justin Richards (Big Finish) 9/10
Human Nature by Paul Cornell (TV) 9/10
The Red Lady by John Dorney (Big Finish) 9/10
The Eleven by Matt Fitton (Big Finish) 9/10
The Night of The Doctor by Steven Moffat (TV) 9/10
The Christmas Invasion by Russell T Davis (TV) 8.5/10
Shield of The Jötunn by Ian Edginton (Big Finish) 8.5/10
Turn Left by Russell T Davis (TV) 8.5/10
Deep Breath by Steven Moffat (TV) 8.5/10
Hell Bent by Steven Moffat (TV) 8/10
The Crimson Horror by Mark Gatiss (TV) 8/10
The Magician’s Apprentice by Steven Moffat (TV) 7.5/10
Love & Monsters by Russell T Davies (TV) 3.5/10


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