What Next For Big Finish?

BigFinishWith 2015 being a monumental year for Big Finish, producers of official Doctor Who audio dramas (as well as a plethora of other ranges). In the past year they’ve been given the license to produce works from the revival era up to and including the events of The Time of The Doctor. We’ve heard about the return of the Tenth Doctor, we’ve had series based on UNIT featuring Osgood and Kate Stewart, we had our first crossover with Jago & Litefoot & Strax, we’ve had John Hurt return as the War Doctor, and most recently we’ve delved into The Diary Of River Song as well as the upcoming releases, The Churchill Years and Classic Doctors, New Monsters. But what other releases would I like Big Finish to release? Here are a few ideas and the reasons why…

The Ninth Doctor Adventures
This is a long shot, as we know Christopher Eccleston’s reluctance to come back to the show; but thirteen episodes of him as the Doctor just isn’t enough. It would be great if we had a box set, set immediately after the events of the The Day of The Doctor when John Hurt regenerates into the Ninth Doctor, to see a dazed and confused Doctor whisked straight into an unforeseen adventure; a time when he can’t even stop to see what his latest incarnation looks like (just so when the Doctor first sees himself in Rose the reaction to his ears would still make sense).

The Silurians
Big Finish have already released spin-off releases based on the Daleks and Cybermen, so I feel that it would be a great opportunity to have a series based on Silurian politics. I really fell in love with Silurians we first saw in Series 5’s The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood, as the political side was a great slant on a villain, as opposed to the kill everything mentality that we see with so many other races in Doctor Who. My ideal box set or series would revolve around a Silurian government back before they had to go underground, with scientists predicting the impending doom that is about to strike. Plus, Silurians are the perfect creatures for Big Finish as it would mean the actors wouldn’t need hours or prosthetics.

Justice of the Judoon
Another spin off based on a New-Who villain, this time the intergalactic space-rhino police. It would be a great series if it was totally tongue in cheek; a 70’s style cop show where a tired old veteran Judoon has to take out a rookie to train him up. Justice of the Judoon would be great for cameos too; it could feature any villain, new or old.

The Eleventh Doctor Adventures
Now with the Eleventh Doctor, there are a few points in his timeline where we could delve. The one that I really like the idea of is set during the events of his opening story, The Eleventh Hour. When the Doctor says he’s going to take the TARDIS on a short trip to the moon, do we really believe that’s the only place he’s gone? It would be great to see Matt Smith’s Doctor in his newly-regenerated state going around the universe, pretty sure he is supposed to be going somewhere in particular, but not quite sure exactly where or when.

The Lore of Trenzalore
What a great title, if you don’t mind me saying; The Lore of Trenzalore could feature Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, but it would be told in the format of campfire stories. Set after the Eleventh Doctor’s prolonged stay on the planet, we could hear from witnesses of events, or their children, or their grandchildren about how the Doctor came to stay for Christmas. The great thing about having these tales told from someones specific point of view is that any of the details could be greatly exaggerated to make the tales more enticing. Matt Smith could easily be a part of these stories, voicing his speech, but it could be terrific fun.

Coal Hill School
Now the only reason that Big Finish could get away with having a series set at Coal Hill School featuring newbie teacher Miss Oswald is due to her appearance at the establishment in The Day of the Doctor. It would be great if Clara could have a conversation with a certain Ian Chesterton, whom is currently on the Board of Governors. Sharing tales of the man known as the Doctor, it would be a great mixture of both the new and the classic, and it would be really interesting to hear about some more unheard First Doctor stories.

Wilfred Mott at War
Not necessarily a series or box set, but maybe a standalone special release; I for one would love a first hand account of Wilfred Mott’s experience in the Second World War. We learnt during The End of Time that Wilf never killed a man during his time as a soldier, but I for one could listen to Bernard Cribbins’ voice for hours on end. Wilf would be the type of man who would try and see the lighter sides of the war, the humanity and even the humour; Wilfred Mott at War has the opportunity to be a really heartbreaking story.




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