Who Should Write Who?

WritingSeries 9 saw Doctor Who as a show gain some incredible new talent in the form of writers; one of the most important jobs in producing any show. For a fair few years we’ve seen the same old faces come to write Doctor Who, whether it be Steven Moffat himself, his good pal Mark Gatiss, the lovely rarity that is Neil Gaiman or one of a bank of Doctor Who writers we’ve come to know (and love (depending on the story)). Catherine Tregenna, writer of The Woman Who Lived and Sarah Dollard, writer of Face The Raven are both newcomers who have left their mark on the show. But who else, in my opinion, should be given the opportunity to write episodes for Series 10 and beyond?

Nicholas Briggs
My first choice for a writer of an episode of Doctor Who is the fabulously talented Nick Briggs. For those who recognise the name but aren’t sure where from, he provides the voices of the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Judoon, the Ice Warriors, the Zygons and many more. To those of us who love Big Finish he’s also one the Co-executive Producer as well as writer, director and actor. There are no limits to what this man can do in the Whoniverse. Briggs has written some of my favourite Doctor Who stories ever in the form of the audio dramas Dark Eyes and more recently Only The Monstrous featuring the War Doctor.
If there’s one type of story I crave for Nicholas Briggs to write for the TV version of Doctor Who it would have to be a Dalek story. In the past few series the Daleks have become somewhat lacklustre, we get that they’re the ‘unstoppable’ race of killing machines, but deep down we always know that the Doctor is somehow going to stop them. The last time they had any real threat was at the end of The Magician’s Apprentice when they seemingly exterminated Clara; however it was all for nothing when it transpired that she’d actually been teleported. If there’s one thing Nick Briggs can do, it’s make the Daleks scary again; not just scary, absolutely terrifying. If Steven Moffat ever decides he wants a really dark, gritty Dalek story, Nicholas Briggs would certainly be up to the task.

Jenny Colgan
Another writer who’s dipped her toes into the world of writing for Doctor Who, Jenny Colgan has written both literature and audio drama for the Whoniverse. The first book of hers I read was Dark Horizons, a story featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Vikings (it’s utterly terrific and I implore you to buy yourself a copy if you haven’t already). Since then she’s written Into The Nowhere, one of the stories from the Time Trips series and part of the newly released The Legends of Ashildr. Even though none of her audio drama work has been released yet, the fact that Big Finish trusts her with writing part of the upcoming The Diary of River Song box set, as well as an upcoming Fifth Doctor Short Trip, Gardens of the Dead and one of the most eagerly awaited Big Finish productions of all time; part of the Tenth Doctor’s debut in Big Finish entitled Time Reaver.
Colgan has written one of my all time favourite Doctor Who books, and it’s great to see that the folks over at Big Finish also have faith in her ability as a writer. Jenny has the potential to write one of the greatest Doctor Who stories of all time, and I’d love to see her work with the Twelfth Doctor now we’ve seen that he’s amazing at delivering speeches. I feel that Colgan would bring back some of the darkness from Series 8 but also contrast it by making some moments great lighthearted moments.

Matt Fitton
Another writer for Big Finish, Matt Fitton made this list purely due to his exemplary work with my favourite audio Doctor, the Eighth Doctor. After the success of Dark Eyes by Nick Briggs, he had big shoes to fill when it came to telling the Eighth Doctor’s story. Luckily he did that by coordinating Dark Eyes 2Dark Eyes 3 and Dark Eyes 4. What made me love Matt’s work even more though, was when he flourished during the time where the Eighth Doctor’s journey should take him after the events of Dark Eyes, the foundation of which had been laid by Nicholas Briggs. Enter Doom Coalition, one of the most psychological and horrific pieces of storytelling I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. Since he’s proved his worth in the world of audio, I think it would be great to see what ideas he would have for a Doctor such as Capaldi’s. I think to write for any Doctor, the writer themselves has to have a rather high level of intelligence, but especially when working with Doctor’s such as Eight and Twelve, which is why I’d like to see Fitton’s take on the latest incarnation of the Doctor.



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