Introducing The Ultimate Series

The Ultimate SeriesHello there dear reader and welcome to a new regular feature called The Ultimate SeriesI’m going to battle every episode from every series since the revival against each other in order to create what, on paper would be the ultimate series. We’ll start with every first episode of the series battling it out, and my favourite episode will then be episode one in The Ultimate Series, the next instalment will be the battle of the Episode 2’s and so on and so forth.  To make it easier I’ve created a table of exactly which episodes will be against which which you can see below. (Click on the image to make it clearer) 

Ultimate Series

This series will run every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday until we reach our ultimate series. The first instalment will be tomorrow and will be

Rose vs New Earth vs Smith and Jones vs Partners In Crime vs
Planet of The Dead vs The Eleventh Hour vs The Impossible Astronaut vs Asylum of the Daleks vs Deep Breath vs The Magician’s Apprentice.

See you tomorrow for the first instalment!


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