Ranking Series 9- Part 2

Ep 12 IconicSo there we have it, the twelve weeks every year that Whovian’s love is over. Sure, we have the Christmas special, The Husbands of River Song to look forward to in just under three weeks, but this list is going to be a ranking of the episodes of Series 9. This is all my opinion. I hardly expect you to agree with me wholeheartedly, but just remember everyone is entitled to an opinion. This part will focus on episodes that rank from 6-1, before you read this, I highly recommend you read Part 1 here.

Without further ado, let’s see which episode wins the title of Best Episode of Series 9.

6. The Zygon Invasion
the-zygon-invasion-mainThe Zygon’s are back and they’re all over the world, the invasion has already happened, this episode worked as a sequel to the 50th anniversary, The Day of the Doctor. We got UNIT back with Kate Stewart at the helm, the mystery of Osgood’s return and an episode that spans all over the world. What could be better? Clara becomes more and more like the Doctor as she takes on his role in England whilst he’s in Mexico being the Doctor too.

5. The Witch’s Familiar
The Witch's FamiliarI’m aware that this episode isn’t as popular to most as it is to me, but come on, let’s be honest, this episode is as much as romp as it can be. We see Clara become Missy’s companion and seeing how Missy isn’t the stereotypical baddie in Doctor Who; Missy is extremely similar to the Doctor, but whilst the Doctor tries his best to solve a problem with pacifism, Missy uses terror and any nefarious needs to get the outcome she desires. Oh, and we see the Doctor ride around in Davros’ chair like it’s a bumper car.

4. Hell Bent
Hell Bent 13The Series 9 finale had a lot of hype to live up to. Gallifrey is back, the Doctor is totally pissed off and the Time Lords are as deluded as ever. The episode ended up having a lot going on, Clara’s brief return, the Matrix having possibly too many cameos for its own good and the Doctor’s tragic endgame, having no memories of who Clara is as he was becoming the Hybrid. This episode had a lot to answer for, and it did for the most part.

3. Face The Raven
face-the-raven-main-artConsidering this episode was a debut episode for a writer, it was extremely well written. Clara’s demise at the beak of the Raven was beautiful and tragic (like a hybrid) and her self-sacrifice for Rigsy was utterly heartbreaking. All the acting was stellar and I’m sure that this episode will be remembered for many, many years.

2. The Zygon Inversion
The Zygon InversionThe main reason that this episode ranked so highly to me was Peter Capaldi’s mesmerising performance as the Doctor. His speech between Kate and Zygella/ Bonnie was a work of art; the Doctor acting as a voice for a generation in the wake of recent events. I know that when this episode was written, nobody would have dreamed such atrocities would happen so soon to the episode airing, but it seemed like the episode was just what the Doctor ordered to help us try and get through it.

1. Heaven Sent
Heaven Sent 1What else could be the number one? I’m sure that in many, many lists this will be the top episode of Series 9. It’s strange that the two most experimental episodes of Series 9 have bookended these rankings. 55 minutes of pure Capaldi were a delight and felt rather refreshing. Would I want a one hander episode ever series? Definitely not. It would get boring and repetitive rather fast, and the actor that played the only part would have to be especially talented to pull it off. But, at that moment, everything worked. And it was fantastic.


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