The Eleventh Doctor

DOCTOR WHO *embargoed 19th March*

Welcome to my first Doctor overview! Here I tell you a bit about the actor, their tenure on the show, their companions and the Top 5 stories they starred in. Let’s get started!

The Actor
Name- Matt Smith
D.O.B- 28th October 1982
Trivia- Before becoming an actor, Matt Smith was an up and coming footballer, however after a back injury, he decided to leave the pursuit of proffesional football and instead focussed on acting, which he trained in at the University of East Anglia.

The Tenure
Matt Smith was announced as the Eleventh Doctor on the 3rd January 2009, during a special edition of Doctor Who Confidential. The episode of Confidential was shown on BBC One and was known as ‘The Ten Doctors’, it was billed as being a celebration of every actor to play the Time Lord. When the show aired however, it was announced as ‘The Eleventh Doctor’.

See the interview with Matt Smith here

New ElevenMatt Smith first starred as the Eleventh Doctor on New Years Day 2010 in The End of Time Part Two. His first full episode was The Eleventh Hour and broadcast 3rd April 2010. Matt Smith played the part until Christmas Day 2013 after completing three series.

Crack In TimeOne thing that defined Matt Smith’s tenure as the Doctor were the story arcs. His first series, Series 5 featured the arc of the crack in space and time, Series 6 featured the mystery of who killed the Doctor in Lake Silencio, Series 7 Part 1’s arc were of him losing Amy and Rory and Series 7 Part 2’s arc revolved around the mystery of Clara Oswals, the Impossible Girl. The crack in space and time that feautred in Series 5 was also resurrected during the last episode of Matt Smith’s in The Time of The Doctor, so his era would come full circle.

The Companions
AmeliaThe Eleventh Doctor’s first companion was Amy Pond whom he met first when she was a little girl known as Amelia. The Doctor crashed into her garden whilst he was still in his post-regenerative state and he was getting used to his new body. The Doctor promised that after he stabilised the TARDIS by having a short trip to the moon, he would be right back for young Amelia and they would have adventures, however he didn’t come back for another twelve years, leaving the adult Amy Pond rather damaged.

Amy and RoryAmy Pond wasn’t alone though, midway through Series 5, both the Doctor and Amy were joined by Rory Williams, Amy’s fiancee. Unfortunately for Rory, he had a knack of dying quite regularly. His first death was in the two parter The Hungry Earth/ Cold Blood but he was fairly quick to reappear during the finale of Series 5 in The Pandorica Opens/ The Big Bang where he’s found during the Roman conquest of Britain, however it transpires he’s an Auton duplicate. After the Doctor resets the universe in The Big Bang, Rory becomes a mainstay on the TARDIS along with his new wife Amy and the Doctor.
River TimelineA less frequent companion of the Eleventh Doctor was River Song. We first met her with the Tenth Doctor in Silence in the Library/ The Forest of The Dead however she had a lot more adventures with the Eleventh Doctor than with the Tenth. (Her timeline is very complicated but can be found in her chronological order here.) Coincidentally, River appears in eleven episodes with the Eleventh Doctor, however most of them are two parters, so she only joins him in eight individual stories. River Song transpires to be the Doctor’s wife (not to be confused with an Eleventh Doctor story of the same name) and also the Doctor’s murderer.

Craig OwensAn even less frequent companion of the Eleventh Doctor is Craig Owens, having only been in two episodes. Craig is rather unique by the fact some would consider him a companion to the Eleventh Doctor (myself included) however he’s never actually been aboard the TARDIS and shows how even the ligtest brush of the Doctor can change your life.


Clara 2After losing Amy and Rory at the hands of the Weeping Angels, the Doctor’s next companion is Clara Oswald; she’s known as The Impossible Girl as the Doctor met her twice before, once as a human converted into a Dalek in the Dalek Asylum and again as a Victorian barmaid called Oswin Oswald, both of whom died. When the Doctor finds Clara in contemporary London, she’s a nanny to the Maitland family after the childrens mother passed away. By the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, Clara was an English teacher at Coal Hill School. Clara went into the Doctor’s timestream to save him from The Great Intelligence and therefore encountered every previous incarnation of the Doctor, including a Doctor none of us had seen before, the War Doctor…

Top 5 Stories
5. A Christmas Carol
4. The Pandorica Opens/ The Big Bang
3. Vincent and the Doctor
2. The Doctor’s Wife
1. The Day of The Doctor 


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