Reverse The Polarity- November

It’s that time again, who’d’ve guessed it’s been a whole month since the last ‘Reverse The Polarity’. And boy, what a month it’s been. The site has boomed in popularity, with our international audience growing, and I am so thankful. We’ve had readers in Pakistan, Ghana, Costa Rica, Japan, Algeria, Greece, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, Bolivia, Ireland, Croatia, Barbados, Paraguay, Uruguay, Georgia, Macedonia, Isle of Man, Egypt, Ukraine, Russia, India, Turkey, France, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Singapore, Argentina, Hong Kong, Germany, Chile, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Phillipenes, Brazil, United States and of course, in the United Kingdom.
In the past month we’ve had three great episodes and a not so great episode, we’ve had Who Addicts Reviews join the gang, and of course we’ve been to the Doctor Who Festival

Looking forward to the month of December 2015, we plan to bring you lots of Christmassy related content, maybe a few presents, and a surprise or two. Coming up later this week is my review of the Big Finish release Shield of the Jötunn followed by the first in the Doctor Overview series, The Eleventh Doctor Overview.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being a part of GallifreyArchive and helping it grow and flourish. See you again for the next Reverse The Polarity in the New Year (that’s odd).


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