Doctor Who Tag

The DoctorsIn honour of the 52nd birthday of this great show we call Doctor Who, I’ve decided to do the Doctor Who tag!

Who is your favourite Doctor?
I have two favourite Doctors, first of all there’s the Twelfth Doctor, played phenomenally by the brilliant Peter Capaldi. His performance is just so captivating, and he’s a Doctor that can turn on a dime and is extremely unpredictable. Then there’s the Eighth Doctor, played equally as brilliantly by Paul McGann, not so much because of the TV Movie, but because of his Big Finish work, he’s a Time Lord that has to deal with more loss than most of the Doctor’s yet still tries to see some beauty in the universe.

What is your favourite Doctor Who story?
MidnightNow this is a tough one, as I should really only pinpoint one and it changes based on my mood, the time of day, the weather, anything really. As I write this though I have to say my favourite episode of Doctor Who is Midnight from Series 4 featuring one of David Tennant’s best ever performances as the Doctor.

Who is your favourite companion?
DonnaWell, in my opinion, my favourite companion is also the one people tend to let slip under their radar. Remember Adam from Series 1? I’m joking, don’t worry!
Without a doubt, my favourite ever companion is the brilliant Donna Noble played by Catherine Tate.
After two years of Rose, the young woman the Doctor fell in love with, a year with Martha, the young woman who fell in love with the Doctor, it was good to have a companion who had more life experiences, more attitude, more feistiness and all in all, just wanted to have an adventure with this amazing man, no strings attached.
What really seals the deal for me in terms of character though, is her tragic demise at the end of Series 4, where she’s sentenced to what some would regard as a fate worse than death; she was the Woman Who Forgot.

What was the first Doctor Who story you watched?
This one is easy for me, it was Rose. I remember the trailers featuring this bloke running away from a ball of flame and was absolutely captivated from there, in the ten years since, I have yet to miss a single episode of Doctor Who.

What is your favourite series or era?
This answer is really tough, especially since the revival in 2005. Therefore I’m going to give multiple series joint top spot; the first of which being Series 4 as it featured my favourite Doctor/Companion duo, as well as setting up River Song (I don’t care what you think about her, I enjoy seeing her). The second era is Series 5 as it featured a great new Doctor in the form of Matt Smith, and a series filled with great episodes and a great arc. My final contender for this prize is Series 9. I’m well aware that we haven’t seen the end of this series yet, but from what I’ve seen, every episode has tried something different and mainly succeeded (sorry Sleep No More) and it’s been great to see Capaldi flourish now he’s comfortable in the role of the Doctor.

What is your favourite pre- or post-regeneration story?
The Christmas InvasionThis is one of the only answers that was a no brainer for me, I bloody love The Christmas Invasion because that episode did something that not many TV shows could ever pull off. The main character is tucked up in bed for most of the episode whilst everyone around him panics as the world appears to be in great danger. It also has the Doctor telling Jackie to shut up, which is also great.

What is your favourite TARDIS desktop theme?
I really really have a soft spot for the War Doctor’s TARDIS seen in The Day of the Doctor. It’s a perfect blend of old and new, and most importantly, it features the round things. (“What are the round things?” “No idea”)War Doctor TARDIS



What is your favourite villain/monster?
3I’m going to give an answer to both of these, as there can’t be one winner. My favourite villain is Missy, and I don’t mean every incarnation of The Master. Michelle Gomez’s performance is just the right shade of neurotic and crazy that it resonates with me; not only that, but Missy isn’t completely evil. Sure, she killed Osgood. Sure, she tried to blow up the plane that the Doctor was on. Sure, she harvested the dead for her own nefarious purposes. But we’re reminded that Missy is the Doctor’s friend; this was especially prevalent in The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar, as she begs for Clara’s help to find him.
The SilenceMy favourite monster is The Silence because I feel that their concept is amazing; a creature that can influence your life by the power of suggestion, but you can never remember seeing because the second you look away, you forget. It’s a brilliant concept, and they look gorgeous. In my opinion The Silence are even scarier than the Weeping Angels for the pure fact, there’s not a lot you can do to stop them, at least with a Weeping Angel you just show them a mirror.

So there you have it, my Doctor Who Tag! Maybe I’ll come back and revisit this next year to see if any of my answers have changed. If you have a TARDIS feel free to go and have a look now, if like me you have to do time travelling the long, slow way around, I’ll be sure to see you for this tag again next year!


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