My Thoughts On Paris

ParisHello dear reader, I’m aware that this isn’t the article you probably came here to read, but this also isn’t an article I ever wanted to write. This article isn’t going to be fun and cheery like normal, nor is it based on Doctor Who, but I wanted my worldwide viewership to know my personal thoughts on the terrible acts that happened in Paris this weekend. I would have written this sooner, but I was in London, mainly oblivious to the facts, as I was at the Doctor Who Festival, which will get a much cheerier article later.

My thoughts and prayers first go to the families and friends of any person who was killed by these acts of terrorism, I feel that nobody should have their right to live revoked, especially the innocent men, women and children whose lives were tragically cut short by these extremists. I cannot even start to comprehend the pain, loss and sorrow that those affected are going through.

I apologise if this article seems disjointed, but that’s because I have so many emotions in relation to the state of the world at the minute. There’s someone who I admire, someone who has an ethos on life that I like to think I live by. A Time Lord known as the Doctor. If you’re on this site, chances are you’re also influenced by his ways, of condemning violence and hoping for peaceful conflict. Someone who always tries to see the best in people, who tries to talk instead of act. It’s not just Paris, in the last week there were also the Russian plane bombings and more brutal attacks in Beirut. It’s time like this I wish the Doctor was real and was able to resolve this.

If you, like myself, looked at these horrific events and felt like you wanted to disconnect from humanity if these acts of bloodshed are a sign of humanity, I pray for you to keep hope. Yes, there are a minority of misguided people who caused these atrocities, these innocent families to mourn, these uneasy feelings worldwide,  but  you have to look at the people. Around the world, people are mourning for the fallen over the last week, people are uniting against these acts of terrorism, people are condemning everything that has happened. It’s in these times, more than ever, that I feel like we should stand united as the Human Race and stand up against these acts of terror.

I’m going to end this with a quote from Les Misérables which I hope more than anything is truthful.
“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”


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