The Hypothesis of ‘The Hybrid’

HybrisThe following article is purely speculation, however it does take into account some facts from the latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine which can be read here. If you’d rather not know anything at all about the final four episodes before broadcast, then please don’t read this. Feel free to come back in just over a month and see how accurate I was (or wasn’t).
So there’s been lots of talk all through the series about different hybrids, from the Dalek/Time Lord Hybrid, to the Mire/Human Hybrid known as Ashildr/Me, to the Zygon/Human Hybrid known as Osgood, one thing is for certain; hybrids are important to Series 9 and almost certainly attributed to Clara’s departure.

The theory I have is simple. Clara is the Dalek/Time Lord hybrid mentioned in the details for Heaven Sent and Hell Bent. I don’t just think this speculatively, but if you look at some facts, and if you know about how Moffat works, it may make some more sense.

OswinFirst of all let’s start with the Dalek half of this supposed terrifying hybrid. Some of you eagle eyed viewers may have noticed that Clara is a human, not a Dalek. But that hasn’t always been the case, has it? Cast your mind back to Asylum of The Daleks, the first time we meet Clara, or, as she’s known then, Oswin Oswald. She’s the one that starts the Eleventh Doctor’s intrigue into the character, which is only added upon in The Snowmen but that’s a different story. In Asylum it’s revealed that Oswin, who has been helping the Doctor all along, is in fact a Dalek. It’s not unknown for Moffat to think these kind of things through, just look at the Crack from The Eleventh Hour that we thought we had a resolution to at the end of Series 5, instead being finally resolved in The Time of The Doctor. Moffat knows where he’s going, and this seems to fit.
ClaraSo we have an explanation as to how Clara fits the Dalek half of the Dalek/Time Lord hybrid theory, but she’s human, which means she isn’t a Time Lord, right?
Well I have a few possible explanations for this, the first being that the Hybrid isn’t a literal half Dalek, half Time Lord creation, instead it uses influences from one or both parts to create the hybrid. This explanation fits because as we’ve seen through Series 8 and 9, Clara is becoming more and more like the Doctor.
Another possibility is that in the future, Clara will become an honorary Time Lady, as not every Gallifreyan is a Time Lord, it’s a title. Clara has done a fair bit for Gallifrey whilst she’s been travelling with the Doctor, such as her interference in the events of The Day of The Doctor meaning that Gallifrey would be saved rather than burned. In my opinion, saving an entire planet deserves some kind of reward.
Deathly HybridMy final hypothesis is that the Hybrid isn’t solely Clara, instead the Hybrid is both Clara and the Doctor travelling together. The Doctor is becoming more and more attached to Clara, I mean last series he literally went to bring her boyfriend back from the dead to please her. With this kind of control over the Doctor, Clara is becoming more and more dangerous, making the Doctor become more and more reckless; eventually it will have to have devastating consequences. It could come sooner rather than later.

What do you think? Do you think Clara could be at least part of ‘The Hybrid’ that keeps being mentioned, or do you think that it’ll be something else entirely?


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