Series 9 Episode 9-12 Details

SpoilersIn Doctor Who Magazine #493, we learn about the remaining episodes of Series 9; Sleep No More, Face The RavenHeaven Sent and Hell Bent. Naturally, all of the following information is extremely spoilery so read ahead at your own peril…

DWM493Sleep No More
In a Nutshell: “The thirty-eighth century: a time of unparalleled prosperity. A golden age of peace, harmony, and industry. But every shift must come to an end. Every working day must stop. Sleep claims us in the end… Until now! ‘Welcome Morpheus!'”

Quote: The Doctor: “Sleep is essential to every sentient thing in the universe. But to humans – greedy, filthy, stupid humans – it’s an inconvenience to be bartered away! Now we know the truth. Sleep isn’t just a function; it’s blessed. Every night we dive deep into that inky pool, deep into the arms of Morpheus. Every morning we wake up and wipe the sleep from our eyes. And that keeps us safe from the monsters inside…”

Face The Raven
In a Nutshell: “Clara probably never expected her friend Rigsy to need the emergency TARDIS phone number she gave him after they defeated the Boneless in Bristol. Yet today he’s in big trouble, sentenced to die for a murder he can’t remember committing. The Doctor and Clara’s campaign to exonerate Rigsy leads them to a secret London street where alien refugees hide in plain sight. Once they gain access, they’ll learn the terrible answers to various questions. Such as: what is a chronolock? And what exactly does it mean to face the raven?

Quote: “If you see something unusual or notable, dismiss it. Keep walking. But if there’s a bit of London so unremarkable that you don’t even think about it? Stop. You could very well be standing right outside a trap street.”

Heaven Sent and Hell Bent
OhiliaIn a Nutshell: “Long before the Time War, the Time Lords knew it was coming. Like a storm on the wind. There were many prophecies and stories. Legends before the fact. One of them was about a creature called the Hybrid: half Dalek, half Time Lord. The ultimate warrior. But whose side would it be on? Would it bring peace, or destruction? Was it real, or a fantasy?
“I confess: I know the Hybrid is real,” the Doctor proclaims. ‘I know where it is, and what it is. I confess: I am afraid.’

Quote: CLARA: “Is it a sad song?”
THE DOCTOR: “Nothing’s sad till it’s over. Then everything is.”
CLARA: “What’s it called?”
THE DOCTOR: “I think it’s called Clara.”


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