Series 10 Talk

TimeEven though we’re not over with Series 9 on the TV, Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi and the Doctor Who production designer, Michael Pickwoad have already started talking about what we can expect in Series 10.

Peter Capaldi
12“It’s been nice to see him more cheerful, but of course as the whole [of Series 9] develops, more terrible things happen. So in fact, I think by the end, he’s going, ‘Oh man, I was right, I should’ve remained cynical and closed off and suspicious’.
“If you’ve been following this Doctor, you’ve seen him go through all those different colours and all those different places. So where he goes now – in series 10 – I don’t know, but he’s been put through the mill.”

Capaldi also talked about what he hopes the next companions quality will be, by the sounds of it we will have another human companion as Capaldi hopes Clara’s replacement is more ‘earthly’ saying “It’s one of the things I loved about Billie Piper. That was a very new thing in Doctor Who – to have somebody who lived on an estate, and had a much earthier sound to their voice. I mean, I love Jenna – I’m really sad that she’s gone, and I feel quite bad discussing the possibility of somebody else. So it’s no reflection on her. But I think it might be interesting to have somebody who’s a little more earthy!”

MoffatSteven Moffat also talked about the next companion, and it looks like it won’t be fan-favourite Osgood;
“She’s a great character and we love her, but whether you really get a relaunch out of bringing someone on board the TARDIS who’s already been there, I don’t know. It did work very well with Catherine Tate [as Donna], but that’s not the direction we’re currently going in. I quite like where we’ve got Osgood at the moment.” This doesn’t mean that Moffat won’t change his mind though, “I’m not making any promises, but that’s my genuine belief at the moment. Because I think to throw away the chance to say ‘You can start here’ is foolish. If you say, ‘You could start here, but [the companion is] somebody you have to know all about’ then you’ve lost that. I think every time we get a new companion – even more so than a new Doctor – you are sort of saying, ‘This is the beginning. This is where it starts. You can join in here’.” Is this more classic Moffat trolling do you think? It seems to me like he has a very clear idea of what Osgood’s arc is going to be in the future.

Also, Michael Pickwoad has said that filming for Series 10 won’t start until April or May 2016, which is a lot later than the normal January start. The bad news is that this pretty much indicates that, if we have another 12 episode series for Series 10, chances are it won’t all be broadcast in 2016. Do you think this means that we’ll have a Series 7 situation with half a series shown late 2016 and the other hand broadcast in early 2017? It looks like we’re just going to have to wait on this one…


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