Clear Off Clara

Clara 2Due to the fact that Clara’s leaving at the end of this series, a mere few weeks away, I’ve decided to have a crack at trying to work out exactly how she will leave, in this article I’ve lovingly called ‘Clear Off Clara’.
I have to emphasise that all of the following article is based on speculation and theory; I have no idea how Clara is going to leave the TARDIS during Series 9, nor do I intent for this article to spoil anyones enjoyment of the programme. If you don’t want to have these seeds of possibility planted into your mind, then do not read this article. It’s just a bit of fun, but if I do get it right, don’t hate me.

To make my theories easier to distinguish, I’ve given them all headings. Like I said, I have no idea how Clara will depart, but these are a few ways I could see Steven Moffat utilising for this no doubt very emotional exit.


AmeliaIt’s happened before, the Doctor sometimes abandons his companions, promising to come back for them but taking his sweet old time about it. When I had this idea, I thought of little Amelia Pond, who famously had to become The Girl Who Waited. How heartbreaking would it be for Clara if she went to work at Coal Hill School, expecting the Doctor to be waiting for her back home but he doesn’t show. It probably wouldn’t be the first time he was a bit late, so she waits for the next day. And the next. And the next. When I think of this idea, I think of the ending we could have had during Last Christmas where the Doctor finally gets round to visiting Clara, but as an elderly woman. How much would it pain the Doctor if his adventures got in the way and he found a resentful Clara, desperate to know why he never came back? This would also fit in well with why he’s travelling with River Song during this years Christmas Special, as he feels guilty for leaving her behind too.

A Higher Calling

GallifreyThis theory could be bittersweet; but it’s an idea I’ve had for a long time, and this series seems like it could be foreshadowing this idea. Deep down I think that Clara might become a Time Lady. Now before you go screaming at me saying it’s impossible, this idea was nearly used should the Seventh Doctor have had another series. Originally, in the series that never was, the Doctor was going to take his companion, Ace to Gallifrey to enrol her to The Academy, meaning that you do not have to be a Gallifreyan to become a Time Lord/ Lady. With Gallifrey saved, quite a lot in part due to Clara’s involvement in The Day of The Doctor and The Night of The Doctor, it would seem only fitting that as a way to thank her, the Time Lord Council would give her the opportunity to either help them politically and make Gallifrey a better place, possibly in the name of the Doctor, or give her the opportunity to become a travelling Time Lady, letting her free of the Doctor. The reason I think that this idea is plausible is the fact that in Series 8, we had a lot of ‘Clara Who’ moments where Clara took on the persona and responsibilities of the Doctor, and in Series 9, we’ve had lots of mentions of different hybrids. What if Clara was the first human/Time Lady hybrid? The abomination that Davros talked about during The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witches Familiar? I can see it now; Clara Oswald: Dalek Hunter.
Now some of you will be saying, why does this mean that the Doctor can never see Clara again? Well, my response would be what if Clara Oswald: Dalek Hunter got sent into the Time War, meaning she was Time Locked away from the Doctor? The reasoning Gallifrey Falls No More is due to Clara always being a part of the Time War, so if the Doctor pulls her out, it would undo the events in the 50th, causing a devastating paradox?
I sometimes think too much like Moffat.


SacrificeClara bloody loves travelling with the Doctor, but she loves seeing him happy even more. I’m going to keep this idea short and sweet because sacrifice is pretty self-explanatory; however if Clara did sacrifice herself, I don’t know if it would be to save the Doctor’s life, or if it would be to aid his search for Gallifrey. I think Clara is too obsessed with her travels with the Time Lord to sacrifice herself for someone else other than the Doctor, although a thoughtless act of kindness might be just what Clara needs to be more likeable. It’s also not the first time we’d’ve seen Clara sacrifice something important for the Doctor. Two perfect examples are in Series 7; first when she sacrifices the leaf in The Rings of Akhaten and then in The Name of The Doctor we see her essentially sacrifice her life to enter the Doctor’s time stream.


Crossing a road without looking is pretty reckless. It’s the best I could do!

This series Clara has become extremely reckless, and I have a theory why. Grief. We have yet to see Clara properly grieve over the death of Danny Pink; sure we had the scene with the sleep patches and the volcano, but since then she’s hardly shed a tear or even mentioned Danny. Knowing that Moffat very rarely would leave something like this, (I mean, River is still here) I feel like that Danny’s death has to amount to something. I really hope that the more reckless Clara we’ve seen this series will pay off; the thing that’s annoyed me the most about her, and I’m aware it’s a small point, is during The Zygon Invasion, her voicemail says, “I’m either on the underground or in space.” I mean how reckless can you be? I get that it’s a well known fact aliens are amongst us in the Whoniverse, but to anyone who doesn’t know Clara’s story who hears that message, they would either think she’s incredibly unfunny or mad. Clara seems to have forgotten what caution is and just how dangerous travelling with the Doctor can be. She’s seen every single one of his past selves so why can she not remember this?

Happily Ever After

ClaraThe least plausible of all my theories, especially after what Moffat has recently said, but it could still happen. How Clara would get a fairytale ending I’m not quite sure; the only theory I really have about how this could play out is if Clara is in some mortal peril, possibly at the hands of a rogue Time Lord or Ashildr, and she gets killed. Not a happily ever after some might argue, but that’s because there’s more. Clara helped Missy earlier this series and Missy knows how much Clara means to the Doctor. My idea is Clara dies but the Doctor can’t imagine being without her, knowing she died because of him, so he begs Missy to put her conscious into the Nethersphere, which is a place where she could ‘live’ forever with Danny. That way the Doctor has lost her, but Clara still gets to be happy after all.


Those are my theories on how Clara could depart. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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