Reverse The Polarity- October

TimeThe first in a new monthly appreciation for you guys; Reverse The Polarity is a look back at the month we’ve had here at GallifreyArchive and even lets you know of some of the things we’ve got coming up in the near future…

This is the month we really got going again, and boy does it show! This month we’ve had hundreds of people look at our site from all over the world! We’ve had people from…
Greece, Hungary, Chile, Columbia, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Israel, Japan, Ireland, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Algeria, Malta, Uganda, Croatia, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Brazil, France, United States of America and of course in the United Kingdom.

We’ve diversified by adding Big Finish to the site, as well as welcoming the wonderful and talented Ben Lett who’s been bringing us video reviews of the new series. Also new feature Who News In Haikus launched and is great fun, giving you tidbits of information whilst challenging myself to keep it brief and also a haiku (Five syllables, seven syllables then five syllables again).

Looking forward to November 2015 we can expect a lot of new content, be it Big Finish reviews, episode reviews, news updates or the like. But also GallifreyArchive will be going to the Doctor Who Festival in two weeks! I’ll be there on the Saturday so if you see me, come and say hello! Also coming up in November is the 52nd anniversary of Doctor Who. Who knows what else we can expect? Well I do… but I won’t tell you just yet.


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