Change, My Dear

Hello dear reader and welcome to the Gallifrey Archive; if you’ve been here before you’ll probably have noticed we’ve had a repaint, but that’s not why I’m writing this post.

GallifreyArchive has been slowly and steadily growing in numbers, and with my university work, I can’t satisfy your needs on my own. From the last post to the site you will know that Ben Lett has been gracious enough to share his work on the site already, and in my mind that is what GallifreyArchive should strive to do more in the future.

As well as having my review of every Doctor Who episode ever, I want to make GallifreyArchive a hub for Whovians online, whether you create new Who material, or you review episodes like myself and Ben, I want GallifreyArchive to be more than just a website, I want it to be a community. That’s why I’m changing things up.

I will still try and do a review a week, maybe two depending on time, but I want GallifreyArchive to be populated with other creative, talented Whovians. If you currently have a YouTube channel, or you like to write opinions on Doctor Who, you’re more than welcome to share your creations on GallifreyArchive. My hope for this is that we can grow our audiences by sharing them, making the Whoniverse a more harmonious place to be.

Looking into the near future, I am going to be writing reviews for the four stories in the upcoming Doom Coalition 1 from Big Finish, the first of which will be out on Tuesday.

I can’t wait to see what this change in GallifreyArchive will bring, and hopefully you can’t wait either.


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